Monday, January 27, 2014

We Can Do It! PK Corey Spills All

Please welcome PK Corey, the author of Cassie's Space, to our discussion of productivity. She's a full time schoolteacher, so lets see how she finds time to write about Cassie and Tom.

Celeste Jones: Are you a full time or part time writer?

PK: I wish! I’m also a schoolteacher with a total of 97 students this year.

Celeste Jones:  What other responsibilities do you have to juggle along with writing? Children? Aging parents? Exercise? A disturbing number of pets? Critiquing for other writers?

PK: My parent are gone now and my children are nearly grown although it’s not unusual for my daughter to email me a paper from college, usually around ten in the evening saying ‘Mom, could you look this over? I have to submit it by midnight.’

Celeste Jones: Do you have a set schedule for when you write? If so, what is it?

PK: During the school year I try to get in at least an hour or two of writing in the afternoon. It’s not always possible.

Celeste Jones: Do you have particular productivity goals for each day or week or just go for it?

PK: I just go for it and hope something of what I write is worth keeping.

Celeste Jones: What is a typical day (if such a thing exists) like for you?

PK: During the school year, up at six, check email and blogs. Teach; come home exhausted most days by four. Try to get in a little exercise (usually a nap instead), write on the book from five until seven while my wonderful husband fixes dinner and cleans up. After seven visit with hubby, TV, facebook, writing posts, checking email…

But during the summer, the wonderful summer, up around eight, check blogs and email until nine, head for my writing room and write until one or two, then exercise, cleaning, laundry and sometimes even cooking. I love my summers and long to retire.

Celeste Jones:  Do you work on more than one manuscript at a time?

PK: Yes and no. Right now I’m working on the Cassie series, the books are seven years behind where I am now in her life. So I’m jumping back and forth in time in her life. I also write other spanking fiction, or I have in the past. Lately I’m concentrating on Cassie.

Celeste Jones: Do you use any special writing programs like Write or Die?

PK: I write in Word, I haven’t even heard of the others. I’m very techno challenged.

Celeste Jones: What about promotion? Do you have particular time when you visit blogs or use other social media? How do you monitor your time?

PK: I’m still realizing what all this involves. I’m not great at it, but I’m trying. I really wish I could sit down with someone who really understands it all and was willing to give lesson.
[You might want to try Cassandra Carr's Marketing Matters. I keep meaning to write a blog post about it.] 

Celeste Jones: What about your blog? Do you have a set schedule or just blog when the mood strikes you?

PK: That is something else that takes time because I have three blogs. I’ve been writing Cassie’s blog for over seven years, I try to keep it fresh, but these are often three to four week gaps, I have New Beginnings, where I post about my day-to-day life. I try to post there several times a week and I host Fantasy Friday each week for anyone willing to share a story. My blogging friends often send stories and I really like that many readers will share their first writing efforts. I’ve met many wonderful people through Fantasy Friday. And I now have my ‘writing’ blog – PK Corey’s Reading Room, where I do Saturday Spankings and post concerning the books.

Celeste Jones: What tips or pointers do you have to share to help others be more productive?

PK: I’m much more in need of tips than I am able to give them, but I know if you want to write you should have a dedicated time and space in which to do it.  Treat it like any other job.

Celeste Jones: What books are you working on now? What are your goals for 2014?

PK: The second Cassie book, Cassie’s Tale, is being edited. I have the third book well outlined, but I don’t feel like it’s officially started yet. I’d love to have book three done and number four well underway this year.

Celeste Jones: Anything else you’d like to share?

PK: If you think you want to write, go for it. I never dreamed I’d actually publish, I thought I was a day dreamer, not an author. Now I’m about to publish my second book. Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed with all I don’t know. But I’m learning not to worry too much and to remember to enjoy the process.

Where to find PK:  

Cassie’s Space ‘Cassie’s’ blog

New Beginnings ‘my’ blog

PK Corey’s Reading Room blog My writing blog

PK Corey on Facebook facebook

Blurb for Cassie’s Space:

Meet Cassie, a former wild child, who meets her match, and creates the match of a lifetime. To nearly all who know her now, Cassie is a vivacious, sweet southern lady, who is the epitome of grace and proper behavior. Look a tiny bit closer and you’ll see that Cassie has another side – the one whose language could make a sailor blush as she drinks him under the table.

Thanks to her loving husband Tom, who even after thirty years of marriage, never hesitates to put Cassie over his knee when she strays too far from his view of ladylike behavior, few people other than close old friends know this side of Cassie exists.

 Cassie and Tom show that love and passion are not the sole property of the young. Love and passion grows and changes with age. While aging may bring on challenges – the love and passion between these two people only grows stronger.

Blurb for Cassie’s Tale

 Cassie continues to live life to the fullest, from wheeling around in her new sports car to mastering the art of riding a motor scooter with no hands, she manages to keep Tom on his toes. The fly in the ointment is that Tom’s firm wants him back for a project and Cassie wants him all to herself.  When Tom takes the job, Cassie is left lonely and bored – never a good combination for her.

 Left to her own devices Cassie makes some poor decisions, frightening Sue and causing Tom to lower the boom. Tom's new schedule for Cassie, including her getting a job, leaves her little time to get herself in trouble – yet she still manages.








  1. I too am techno challenged. We need a support group, I think.

  2. Can I join the group? I definitely need the help.

    Good interview.

  3. How would the tech challenged group meet? Snailmail newsletter? LOL

  4. Now that was mean Celeste, true, but mean! I say we all get together at a nice warm beach somewhere, bring our computers and our questions. It doesn't matter who shows up, they're going to know more than me!

  5. Great interview Celeste and PK. Enjoyed reading your answers PK and yes, technically challenged here too!


  6. I think I'm social media challenged. Techno doesn't scare me, what to say does.
    Thanks for the insights PK.

  7. It's nice to have company in the "challenged" boat!! I look forward to reading Cassie's Space!! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. So the fact that I misunderstood the difference between Celeste's first hosting and this Monday post......tells me I am losing my mind! Sheesh...C***! I am sorry. Anyway great interview, keep writing and retire soon so you can write more!!

    Thanks Celeste!


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