Friday, April 18, 2014

Spanking Stories Book Club EGG-Stravaganza!

Please welcome Katherine Deane who is today's lucky guest hostess! 

Welcome to the Easter EGGstravaganza Event of the book club!

Celeste and I have pooled together to add something fun to your basket! How about some free books?
Answer the special “Easter Egg” question below, and get entered for a chance to win a $20 gift certificate from Blushing Books.

Enjoy the discussion, answer any or all of the questions below, and don’t forget to answer the “Easter Egg” question for a chance at the prize!

This will go all weekend, and the winner will be announced on Monday!

Today we’re talking about LauraSmith’s Sam McGee series (book 1, The Yukon Bride). Blurb: On the day of her twenty-fifth birthday and looking across her cake at her divorced parents as they snapped and bickered, Andria decided it was time to do something, anything.  When she came across a flyer from the Sam McGee Tours asking for Mail-Order Brides to go on a two to three month hike up to the Yukon, she jumped on it.  During her interview, she learns there's a little more to it than that.  The company sells tours for the disciplinary-inclined. 

Her main purpose as a bride would be to tip herself willing and eagerly over her pretend husband's knee.  And wouldn't she know it, she's paired not just with a gorgeous, large-handed man, but the man's younger and just as hot brother.  She's never been spanked before, but with Van and Tyson guiding her along the way (hairbrush and belt at the ready), she can't wait to get on the trail towards being their Yukon Bride.

I was so excited that Celeste let me host book club this week! I knew exactly which book I wanted to discuss - a story I read over a year and a half ago, when I was first coming to grips with my Spanking nature.  Since I couldn’t remember all the details, I just re-read it, and was pleasantly surprised to discover (with as much as my likes and dislikes have changed), I still loved this story!

This first story in the three book Sam McGee series, gives us the background and insight into our main characters. The delightfully witty and charismatic, Andria, who chooses to become a paid “Bride” for the Yukon Trip of the Sam McGee Tours.  The handsome and oh so dominant brothers Van and Tyson, who play Andria’s “husbands” for the trip.  The antagonist, Olivia, beautiful and manipulating, who hates Andria and vows to hurt her.  All of these characters are flawed and wonderful in this story.  This is a Spanko’s dream come true! (At least a spanko with an adventurous streak!) I loved this story, and am looking forward to re-reading the rest of the series!

1.        Andria chooses to go on the Sam McGee adventure tour to get away from her family drama, and make some good money.  The only caveat is that it is a tour that caters to “spankos”.  If you had the opportunity to go on this kind of tour, would you?

2.        Would the fact that it is a dangerous trip through the Yukon deter you?

3.        What do you think about the fact that the trip planner attempted to place new spankers and spankees together instead of an experienced with an inexperienced.  Do you think this would hinder or help their overall experience?

4.        Andria’s “Spanking for Dummies” book claims that anything can be used as an implement, so she chooses to try out her tv remote. This was a hilarious self spanking scene! What do you think? Could this work? Can you think of any other items that one could use for a spanking? Easter Egg Challenge! Come up with the best idea for a non spanking item to be used as an implement. 

5.        Brothers, Tyson and Van offer to team up as husband / spankers with Andria. Ignoring the fact that they are both gorgeous, would you prefer a “one man show” or the sharing scene like Andria chooses?  This means double the spankings. J

6.        One of the things I adore about this book, is Andria’s atypical body stature- which is different from the “traditional” heroines I read about. Andria is strong, beautiful on the inside, witty, charming, pretty, and also very overweight. The author does a wonderful job of describing Andria’s larger stature, as something beautiful, tackling the traditionally held beliefs about beauty, wonderfully. And I have to agree, her charm and inner beauty are what makes her even more gorgeous than the beauty queen, Olivia. As is evidenced by Van and Tyson’s choice to have her as their bride. 

I’ll be honest and say I usually prefer inner beauty to external looks, within reason. But I also like the fantasy of the good looking partner vs the reality of the everyday guy.  Does it make a difference for you? Does the sex matter? Are average females ok, but hunky males necessary, or vice versa? What are your views on character appearance?


  1. 1. Would I go? Hell, yeah! What self-respecting spanko wouldn't?
    2. Being that it was dangerous would definitely make me nervous but also would add to the excitement and probably got Andria some spankings! Bonus!
    3. TV remote? I guess it has a paddle-like structure, so maybe...
    4. As for implements, we use "typical" stuff although once hubby spanked me with a glue stick. It HURT! It was a long, thin implement. Ouch!
    5. While the menege scene is fun to read, I'm a one-man show fan all the way. :)
    6. As far as character appearance goes...I have always assumed readers want and expect perfection, especially concerning the males. Why else would you read fantasy, right?!

    Thanks for posting, Katherine! Sounds like a great book!

    1. LOL, Dinah- a glue stick!?? hehe, how long was it?
      wait for it, wait for it...
      size doesn't matter, right?

  2. 1. would I go? No chance. If I couldn't tell my own loving husband for 18 years that I wanted to be spanked, there's no chance in hell I'd sign up to be spanked by a stranger on a trip
    2. Not too worried about the danger
    3. Didn't Casey get spanked with a tv remote once?
    4. MacGyver (aka my husband) will make implements out of anything. I won't tell you what he devised for a butt plug while we were in England
    5. I dont think I'd ever be down for two men. A man and a woman, yes.
    6 I absolutely love when an author takes what is not traditionally considered beautiful and shows how hot it is in the other character's eyes. Then I as a reader find them attractive too.

  3. Ok, I am totally intrigued by MacGyver hubby. (I think ours would get along well!). improvised butt plug?

    hehe, sounds fun!

    Thanks for replying, Renee! :)

  4. Would I go? Not a camping, outdoorsy type, I'm embarrassed to say, but if it was to a scrumptious resort somewhere, that would cause some serious consideration.

    TV Remote? Hey, whatever's handy (sorry, couldn't resist.)

    More than one man? Ahhhh,,, not sure... don't think so, but I guess it would depend on the men and the mood.

    The departure from the fabulous femme fatale is terrific. Wish I'd thought of it, and I really appreciate the departure. Will be seriously pondering this after the novel I'm currently writing.

    1. mmm, a spa experience, then?
      chocolate, some sort of alcohol refreshment, massages, spankings, scented candles, followed by a sensual spanking?

      sounds right up my alley too.
      Thanks for replying, Maggie!

  5. I have not read this book- or this series for that matter! I think I would like it! Egg-cellent job hosting, Kate! :)

    1. I would not go, I am a big ol' chicken and would completely freak out about strangers spanking me!
    2. The danger would deter me, also hiking, also outdoors. We'd have a better chance if this were a movie marathon with an open bar to get me to go!
    3. Why yes, Renee I have been spanked by a tv remote. It's plastic, it stings!
    4. Being a spanking author everything seems like a spanking implement now- I can't think of anything in my mind that seems out of the ordinary! And I want to hear about the MacGyver butt plug!
    5. I am just not into the two man scenario. I am a very boring one man one woman kinda person.
    6. I like when characters seem more like real people than models. Yes, it's fiction, but I like it to mirror real life too.

    1. Thanks for replying, Casey.
      LOL, I forgot about your remote experience.
      So a spanking movie marathon.

      You could make it really interesting, and receive a "wack" every time the characters say a specific word.

      For example:
      Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure- Every time they say "dude".
      Ok, I can't think of anything else in my pre-coffee state of mind.

  6. 1. Would I go? In a heart beat. But I've recently learned a stranger isn't so strange after he/she spanks you. Then you know you're acquainted. LOL

    2. Danger? Sure why not? This presents the opportunity to get in more trouble and with two men eager to punish - well... :)

    3. Self spanking works I can vouch. With a TV remote? Um...Casey says stingy so I believe but I can't imagine getting enough self swing! This made me crack up.

    4. Any item wielded right can be a spanking implement. I suppose a drummer's stick would be odd and now I am inclined to find a musical alpha character. Though he would have great rhythm. *insert funny pun here*

    --- The idea of a random object as a butt plug is killing me! I want to know!

    5. Two men to hold me accountable. I say bring it. But you may have heard I am a brat.....

    6. To be honest I don't like when characters are described physically at least much more than hair or eye color because I let my mind create what he/she looks like based on their actions and personality. Sometimes I will actually try not to look at a cover cause it will sway me. I like when one character has a distinct "flaw" or quirk - keeps it real and interesting.

    Weird implement is still drum stick. The masterpieces to be played out on her "bongo" drums sounds like a fun scene.

    Also, the idea of a spanking movie instead of say drinking when events occur is awesome!

    Great discussion Katie!

    1. Ooh, Addy, you have me going nuts now with the drum sticks.
      I wish I could think of something punny about drummers to add, but I have nothing :(

      LMK if you try the drumsticks. :)
      And I think we should start a poll about the random object butt plug. who wants Renee to share?
      Thanks for replying, Addy!

  7. Thanks for hosting this!

    1. I would definitely go! I've only been spanked by my husband. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be spanked by someone else.
    2. Not worried about danger.
    3. Sure, a TV remote could work...I'm not up for self-spanking.
    4. One thing that could be used as an implement is a phone cord. Dinah is right--glue sticks do sting!
    5. Two men--yes, please!
    6. Characters that are like real people without to many specific details so that I can form their appearance in my mind's eye.

    1. Thanks, Kristen!
      I'm with you. I have only been spanked by my husband, but love to fantasize about the "other man" spanking. (not sex, just a spanking)

      How thick was the phone cord? That sounds like that would hurt too!
      Thanks for replying :)

  8. You guys crack me up! Thanks so much for all your comments. I've been away from my computer most of the weekend so I am glad to see that you were able to carry on w/out me.

    Great job on the questions this week, Katherine.

    I'm confused about the glue stick. Are you talking about the ones that you use for a hot glue gun? Aren't they only about 6" long? Is there something I'm missing?

    Since I'm a compulsive knitter, I've wondered about knitting needles as an implement. Probably pretty stingy. I could ask my husband to try one out on me so I'd know for sure, but I don't want to give him any ideas.

  9. Umm, I'm the dom, not the sub, so I'll answer the TV remote question and the easter egg question:

    TV Remote?? Never take the chance of breaking the remote, I'm a GUY!

    Spanking implement: leather dog leash - raises delicious welts :)

  10. Okay, I'm really late jumping on the bandwagon here as I have been hanging out with my family today, but let me just say you guys are hilarious.

    1. & 2. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to take on an adventure like this. I'm not exactly scared of it, as I'm the type of person will try anything once, but physically my body would not let me.

    3. Sure, I think a TV remote could work. The weirdest implement I ever remember is I once read a spanking fanfiction story for the television show The Sentinel where the main character was spanked with an uncooked spaghetti noodle. This character had enhanced senses so essentially it worked like an extremely thin cane. I doubt it would work in real life, but it was the most unique thing that popped in my head.

    4. While I have no problem reading about plural relationships, and in fact one of my favorite stories series includes a plural marriage, it's not something I would personally ever do. I'm way too much of a traditionalist for that.

    5. I'm a fan of nontraditional characters in general, including nontraditional appearance/body types. Having a disability myself, I'm very aware of diversity of appearance and body type so I enjoy authors that play with that 'norm'.

  11. 1) No, I wouldn't go on a tour, unless I could take my hubby with me!
    2) Yukon? No thanks!
    3) A tv remote seems odd to me, i'm sure it would hurt a little, but can't imagine it being too bad? Spanking implements out of the ordinary? Nerf swords, and kite sticks (awful)
    4) I can't even imagine being spanked by anyone other than my husband. I have no problem reading those kinds of stories, although not my first choice, I've read a few that I did enjoy!
    5) All sorts of characters appeal to me! I think non traditional is great!


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