Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Letter to Santa from Sue Lyndon's Christmas With The Professor

Christmas with the Professor is Sue Lyndon's latest release and it's FREE today so be sure to get your copy today.
Here's a little sample and a letter to Santa from Angela.

Dear Santa,
I know I’ve probably spent more years on the naughty list than I have the good list, but I wanted to remind you that I’ve been extra good this year.  I’ve spent all year working hard at my job and going to school full time.  Did I mention I’m getting straight A’s this semester?  My point is, Santa, I need a little fun this holiday.  Do you think you can help me out?



Angela can't stop fantasizing about her former Psychology professor, Dr. Taylor. His commanding presence and deep, gravelly voice bring out the submissive girl inside her, the girl she left behind after her last Dom cast her aside. But is Dr. Taylor kinky? When she shows up at his house with fresh-baked Christmas cookies, she attempts to tease the Dom out of him and ends up getting much more than she bargained for - her heart softens to a man for the first time in years. She flees for the safety of her apartment expecting to spend the holidays alone licking her wounds. When an unexpected visitor comes knocking on Christmas morning, will she slam the door and continue to guard her heart? Or will she open herself up to a new year of possibilities?

 Christmas with the Professor is FREE today, Dec. 5th through Friday, Dec. 7th.  Find it on Amazon and Amazon UK.
I'll admit that I had a crush on a professor but I never had the nerve to "tease the Dom out of him". Wow! Thanks Sue!


  1. How could Santa resist a plea like that?

  2. I love that line "tease the Dom out of him".
    Cannot wait to read this book! tell about your professor!

  3. I would like to hear more about Celeste's professor as well! :)

    Thanks for letting me visit you today:)

  4. Yes, Celeste. Inquiring minds want to know. :D

  5. Glad to have you Sue. I've downloaded my copy of Christmas w/the Professor and I'm excited.

    I'd love to share about my professor fantasies, but as hostess, it would be rude to detract from my guest, Sue Lyndon.


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