Sunday, December 16, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday. You can find links to nearly 200 writers who will be posting six sentences from their work here.

This my six sentences are from Judge Not: Class Reunion which is part of Legal Briefs: Over The Knee Justice.

Jimmy attends a high school reunion with his wife, Eileen. Throughout the night, Eileen exaggerates and pushes the limits of the truth in order to impress her classmates. Eventually, Jimmy has enough.

“You might have more education than me,” Jimmy said as he pulled the short skirt of her red dress up and exposed her rounded bottom. His hand came down in a firm swat on her left cheek. “And you might earn more than me.” His hand cracked down on her right cheek.

“Are you nuts?”
     He ignored her and continued with his corrective measures.

You can read a sample or buy the story on Amazon.

Hope you enjoyed Six Sentence Sunday. I'll see you next week.


  1. Now when they say "Nothing Beats a Good Education" I think I have a new meaning.....

  2. What a hot, hot six, Celeste! Nice work. :)

  3. If anyone deserved a spanking, Eileen did!

  4. I enjoyed this one. She definitely deserved that spanking! Naughty Eileen!

  5. He probably is nuts. :D

  6. Nah! She deserved that spanking for sure!
    Great six Celeste!

  7. Ooh, I haven't read that one yet-- it sounds so good!


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