Friday, December 14, 2012

Oh So Nice...and Naughty Letter to Santa

It's an exciting day! Starla Kaye is here to give away a prize and share an excerpt from her book Oh So Nice...and Naughty. 

If your letter to Santa this year included a request for a fun Christmas Treat from Starla Kay ( I know mine did) then this is your lucky day. Starla will be giving away this pillow to one lucky commenter who answers either of these two questions: What is your favorite Christmas Song? Or what Christmas song do you find most annoying? 

And now...Oh So Nice...and Naughty. 

Dear Santa,
I have this annoying still-a-virgin problem that I need help with.  Specifically, I need a certain hunky, very stubborn rancher (Sean Masters) to take me to bed…his, mine, or anywhere else. No other man will do. But I don’t need him permanently. I’m not into marriage and he isn’t either.

I realize this probably isn’t the usual kind of request you get, but maybe this is a good change of pace for you. A challenge. And, believe me, this man will be a definite challenge for you.

Kandee O’Connor (desperate and extremely horny)

P.S. You could even fulfill my heartfelt wish any time before Christmas, since I know you’re so busy on Christmas Eve.

Kandee O’Connor left her home town as soon as she could, heart-bruised, and determined to never return for more than a visit.  But she’s tired of her career that has kept her too busy for any kind of relationship, even for losing her virginity. Now she’s gone home and comes face-to-face with the boy—now a man—who was partly responsible for why she’d left all those years ago. Her feelings are stronger than ever for him…and she wants him to help her with the virginity problem, but that’s all. Right?

Sean Masters left his home town and became a successful pro-football quarterback, but now his football career is over. He’s lost, expected to take over the family ranch, but doubts he can do it.  His life is a mess. Then he runs into Kandee, a girl—now a beautiful woman—who he still feels guilt over for something that happened when she was sixteen. In some twisted way, she wants him to right the wrong he’d done her. She wants him to be her first lover. What she needs is a good spanking and he’s just the man to give her one.

Roping and tying up Sean and having her way with him sounded so wicked, so out of character for her. She’d have to dig out those books she’d bought and study up on just what some wicked ways entailed. A brazen idea flashed in her mind, no doubt due to the recent number of naughty books she’d been reading. Books where women challenged their strong, alpha men until the men bent them over their knee for a sound spanking. Or where seductive women enticed their willing men into warming their bottom, leading to some major sex. Spanking foreplay. Now that sounded intriguing.

Her heart pounded at the naughty thoughts and her clit fluttered. Sean had such nice big hands. How would they feel against her bare bottom? And his fingers were big, too, long. She’d read about men putting…

“Are you all right?” Aimee interrupted her heated musings. “You’re looking kind of funny.”

“Just thinking.” Kandee grinned, knowing her cheeks were hot, but not nearly as hot as her visions. “Thinking about some things you don’t need to know about.”

Aimee smiled as Sally Mae set her pancakes down. Then after the older woman walked away, she said pointedly, “I’d bet they have to do with Sean.”


  1. There are quite a few annoying ones...Santa Baby comes to mind. My favorite song depends on the day, but I like O Holy Night and Little Drummer Boy.

    Good luck, desperate Kandee. :)

  2. "Dear Santa: Please have a hunky rancher take my virginity." LOL. Bet Santa doesn't get many letters like that!

    My favorite Christmas songs are The Magic of Christmas Day (sung by Celine Dion) and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (sung by Eddie Rabbit). His voice is SO sexy in that song.

  3. Thinking about the Christmas songs I like has actually put me in the mood to listen to Christmas music.

    My favorite is O Holy Night.

    My least favorite is the dogs barking jingle bells. It's extra annoying if you have your own dog in the car when that song comes on and the poor guy freaks out looking for the other dogs.

    Great prize Starla and a fun read. Oh the burden of virginity!(Now I have "Look at me I'm Sandra Dee" from Grease going through my head.)

  4. My favorite is It Came Upon A Midnight Clear. I think the one most annoying song is Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer.
    Yummy story! I'm channeling Renee! LOL

  5. I loved the letter! My favorite Christmas song is John Lennon's "War is Over."


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