Saturday, December 1, 2012

Three #Free Books

Yes, you read that right. Three books for free today and tomorrow.

My friend, Monique DeVere is celebrating her birthday and as part of the party, I am giving away my book, The Birthday Wish today and tomorrow for free. Just go to Amazon to download it. Keep reading to find out about the TWO other books that are free this weekend too.

Here's what Renee Rose had to say about The Birthday Wish:
Celeste Jones has really nailed this one! With wry humor, she takes us on a journey with Mimi, the 40 year old divorcee whose deepest desire involves a sexy spanking. Enter Paolo, the perfect dream-hunk to take her in hand. The steam created by these two will leave you squirming for more! I loved this book!!
Adaline Raine loved it too. I wish I had more stars to give this hot little read! Mimi is all down in the dumps, on all days, her birthday, and makes a wish. She is whisked off to what could be an imaginary place or simply a fabulous location somewhere far away from her nine to five dullness. Mimi thinks that she has a weight problem and cellulite and constantly puts herself down so to open her eyes wearing little more than a red strappy dress gets her all a flutter. Enter the man from her dreams, who is handsome in every way, can dance, keeps his eyes locked on his beautiful guest, and oh yes, likes to warm her derriere. This man seems to read her every thought and immediately acts on all that she desires. Mimi slowly begins to build her self confidence up though she still can not imagine that everything that she is experiencing is real. After an awesome surprise ending you find yourself envious of Mimi's dream come true! I read this on my birthday and for the record, after I blew out my candles, I did not wind up with a handsome stranger. No matter, though, Celeste made Mimi's recollection steamy and naughty at the same time. Another five star review! Fabulous author and quick read.
If these two ladies of distinction loved you, I bet you will too.
In addition, Monique DeVere is giving away copies of her book More Than Friends. You may remember that Monique visited my blog and did a post about writing in deep point of view that generated a large amount of comments and conversation. Here's your chance to experience Monique's wonderful style of writing.
She just broke the Best Friends’ Code of Honour!

What do you do when your best friend’s fella dumps her?

You get drunk, catch a cab to his place, offer to bop him on the nose, then... sleep with him?

Lily Harper should have taken her secret attraction to Justin Knight into consideration before rushing to his swanky apartment. Now she’s caught in a dilemma. Lose her best friend, or the out-of-this-world sexy guy who could be The One.

Justin fell for Lily almost from the moment he met her, but she was with someone else and he'd just started seeing her best friend. Now Lily is available, and so is he, only, he isn’t having much luck making her see that sometimes when loyalties collide, a girl has to choose love!

And finally, Kathy L. Wheeler is giving away copies of her newest book, Quotable (The Bloomington Series)
GENNA LYNDSEY is not a people person. A short, too-skinny, wild haired waif, with crazy hair and sturdy nerdy glasses lives through books. So it’s lucky she and her best friend own their own bookstore. Her college days taught her that dating was too unreliable to depend on others. It was then that she started resorting to obscure quotes to shield herself from others who ventured too close.
RICK JOHNSON, Fraud Insurance Claims Investigator, is assigned to look into an unusual number of claims filed by Genna Lyndsey. He suspects Genna of sabotaging her own property for insurance money. His investigation uncovers an adorable introvert determined to keep everyone at bay, while someone else resolves to put her out of business—no matter how great the risk.

What a wonderful variety of books! I hope you'll all take advantage of this opportunity to get three free books!

Note: Monique and Kathy's books are not spanking stories, but I'm sure you'll love them just the same.
By the way, for those of you who don't have an ereader like a kindle or a nook, you can still download the kindle app to your computer desktop and download these books to read from your computer. Click on any of the book links then look at the green box on the right with yellow buttons. In blue print is says "Available on your PC" click there and download the Kindle app to your computer for Free. Seriously, how many freebies can you handle in one day?
Monique, Kathy and I are aiming for big download numbers so tell your friends and neighbors.


  1. Wow! This is like Christmas! I'm currently still working on Fifty Shades Freed, and had been been planning on buying The Birthday Wish (and a few others from the Spanking Fiction Author group), but who can resist a free book? They all look appealing so I downloaded all three.

    1. Thanks Cara! I hope you enjoy them. I'm looking forward to reading Quotables and re-reading More Than Friends. Both great books, even if they don't have spanking in them. :)

  2. Party!Love this. When I get a chance today I am going to attempt to download the app.
    Thanks Celeste!

    1. Minelle, I think this week's GOOB challenge for you is going to be to build some techno-confidence. Remember, the computer is your friend. xoxo

  3. Thank you so much ladies for your generosity. I look forward to reading all and Happy Birthday Monique.

  4. *blush* I just thought it was hot! Celeste you know how to weave magic in those pages. :)

  5. Thanks so much for these freebies! They all sound great! I look forward to reading them!

  6. Hi, Celeste!

    This is just fab! Hugs to you.

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes, Sunnygirl!


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