Sunday, December 2, 2012

Spanking Six Sentences---Free Story

Not just Six Sentences but a whole book! Today The Birthday Wish, my erotic spanking novella is FREE on Amazon. Click here to get your copy. And tell your friends! 
The Birthday Wish tells the story of what happens on Mimi's 40th birthday when she makes a wish. Here is where Mimi's belief in the power of wishes began. 

On Mimi’s fifth birthday, her father had sat her on his knee and explained the importance of birthday wishes. He’d told her that if you wished for something with all your might, and if it was really the thing that you needed right then in your life, then your birthday wish would come true. Low and behold, that night she blew out her candles and wished for a stuffed Grover doll, her favorite Sesame Street character, and when she opened her gifts, there he was. Big and blue and cuddly.
For several weeks afterward she’d been sure of the magic of her wish, until her older sister, Carole, burst her bubble and told her that she’d been with their mother when she bought the ‘stupid Grover’ and there was nothing magical about it. 

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  1. I read this last night! GREAT book. I loved it. Loved the humor, the plotting, the scenario. A fun, sexy read.

    1. Glad you liked it Cara. Thanks for the kind words (and Amazon review). It was fun to suspend belief and just go for it in a fanciful way.

  2. Yay for Grover!

    Yes, trust me to pick out the one not-sexy detail. I can't help it. :D

  3. Great six! Poor thing:( You wrote the dissapointement well.

  4. looking forward to reading this one!


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