Friday, August 2, 2013

#Spanking Stories Book Club: Destiny's Chance by Cara Bristol

Today's book is Destiny's Chance by Cara Bristol.

Here's the blurb: Destiny Grable can’t help that she's fallen in love Chance Everett, her best friend's boyfriend, but she's never, ever acted on her feelings -- until she and Zoe are in a car accident, Zoe is killed, and Destiny is reincarnated in her body. She never wished for something like this to happen, but perhaps now she’ll be free to love Chance the way she always wanted to.

Chance might have had pursued Destiny, but he has a kinky side and she was a nice girl. But now she’s dead, and the accident has forced him to take in his ex-girlfriend. As soon as she recovers and moves out, he’ll get on with his life.

Can two star-crossed lovers ever find happiness?

What would it be like to wake up and find that you are suddenly inhabiting your best friend's body? And what if, as a sort of bonus, you got to go home with her boyfriend, whom you have fallen in love with, but never acted on upon those feelings?

That's the scenario that Destiny Grable finds herself in.

Many parts of this story were heart wrenching. Before she realized that everyone thought she was Zoe, Destiny called her parents from the hospital to tell them she was alright. Imagine the heartbreak of hearing your father shout at you not to call again. Or what about attending your own funeral?

Chance is just as confused. His former girlfriend is suddenly a gourmet cook with a hearty appetite.

This was a fun fantasy/paranormal spanking story. In addition to hot sex, romance and spanking, it just gave me lots to think about. The romance was also yummy.

I also liked the reference to Bottoms Up, the bar from the Rod and Cane books.

Possible discussion questions:

1. Have you ever had feelings for the boyfriend/spouse of a friend? If so, how did you handle it?
2. Have you ever wished you had someone else's life?
3. If someone told you they'd been reincarnated in a different body, how would you react?


  1. Great questions, Celeste, and thank you for featuring Destiny's Chance. You hit upon a key point in this book -- what happens when someone does develops feelings for the significant other of somebody he/she knows? In writing Destiny's Chance , I tried very hard to ensure that both Destiny and Chance acted honorably. It took a couple of iterations to get it right! I actually completely scrapped the first draft and started over at once-upon-a-time. The other thing I'd like to emphasize is that Destiny' Chance DOES contain spanking! Spanking is like black slacks -- it goes with anything. LOL.

    1. "Spanking is like black slacks - it goes with anything." This is the best quote I've heard in a while LOL.

  2. I just started Destiny's Chance last night and I'm loving it so far. The idea of being reincarnated into someone else's body is interesting, although if someone I knew came to me with these claims, I'm afraid I'd have serious doubts. I'd probably ask them if they'd missed their medication this morning. But reading about it is fun! :)

  3. OMG. This morning I woke up in the body of a middle aged overweight woman. Clearly I am in the wrong body!

    1. LOL. I was 28 yesterday!

      You should read "This Body" by Laurel Doud. A middle-aged woman wakes up in the body of a young drug addict.

    2. Oh...last week I sat in court with two drug addicts (in their 20s) who were basically passed out. I don't think I'd want to be in their bodies. Maybe mine isn't so bad after all. :)

  4. I have never taken a romantic interest in a friend's boyfriend...a friend's girlfriend is another matter. But I would not, and never have, acted upon it. If I was reincarnated as someone I knew, I think I would assume I was hallucinating and was perhaps an inmate in an asylum.

    I love the premise of this book. I can't think of one that's similar. And the cover is gorgeous. All in all, a perfect package.

  5. Great discussion questions, Celeste. I'll admit at times I've wished I had someone else's life, but then I remember the grass isn't always greener.
    I loved this story. Cara really pulled at my heart strings with this complicated situation. Plus, it was spankin' hot. :)


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