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.We're in the home stretch of Naughty List Week. Today, Patty Devlin (who I am sure has never been on any naughty lists. har har) is my guest sharing from her story, Christmas Joy, which is part of the fabulous boxed set, The Naughty List ---Five Christmas Themed Spanking Novellas, which is currently half price. Each book is also available separately. How many different options can you get? 

Blurb for Christmas Joy by Patty Devlin

Joy hitches a ride headed to the Double R ranch, looking for a job. She is desperate to find a place to stay before the snow flies, however, she isn’t prepared for the feelings the large, sexy and entirely dominant man, who finds her, stirs up deep inside her.
Living on the road has been hard and with her past she should stay and beg for the job. But running is easier than dealing with her fears and these new feelings, isn’t it?
Nick is used to being in charge, after all he has been the one taking care of his brothers for years. So, he knows just what Joy needs—and he’s more than willing to put her over his knee and give it to her.
Nick’s also used to people leaving. He’s not used to having a chance to change it. Can he find her, convince her to trust him, and bring her back?
Will Nick be able to bring Joy into his home, his heart, and keep her there—for good, not just for Christmas?
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“Joy, stop the theatrics. How many times have I asked you not to say stuff about yourself like that?” In a singular motion he sat on the side of his bed and slid her down from his shoulder to his lap.
“You can’t just spank me every time I say something you don’t like!” She wiggled and bucked across his lap and he had to get a better grip on her before she slipped away. He tugged her closer under his left arm, and threw his right leg over her legs. Oh God! She was bucking right against his—
                “Stop your wiggling.” He emphasized his command with a flurry of slaps to the fullest part of her cute little bottom. “I’m tired of telling you to stop thinking for me. I can promise you, I’m not going to not want you, and I’m not going to listen to your negative views of yourself. Nothing about me is anything like being with anyone else. I promise I’m going to make you forget all that. Do you understand me?”
                “Everybody in the house understands you!”
                He wanted to laugh at her spunk, but he couldn’t give into it. He would have to find a different way to get her to zero in on him.
                “What are you doing?” she squealed. “No, stop… please…”
                He proceeded to pull her fleece pajama pants all the way down her legs and off her feet, untangling her hands when they got in the way.  “Stop kicking, Joy. I obviously needed a better way to get your attention.”
                “I’ll listen—don’t please… I’m cold…”
                “Oh, I’m going to warm you up, don’t worry. What are these?” Nick chuckled and ran his finger under the band of her red and green striped panties. They had gold lettering that said ‘Joy to the World’. “Cute. Very cute.”
                “Nick! Oh my gosh.”
                He smacked the bare skin on her cheek, just below the underwear line. After she was done squealing and he caught her small hands togetherinto one of his, he asked, “Now are you ready to listen?”
                “I’m listening, it’s you who isn’t listening to me,” she panted into his duvet.
                What did she mean? Had she said something he didn’t hear? He was staring mindlessly at that gold lettering. He wanted to trace it with his fingertips. He wanted to—
                “It’s a simple thing, get it over with already, screw me and see if you still want to marry me afterward.” Her voice was raw and broken. He almost hadn’t heard it.
                He shifted her so she was lying on the bed on her tummy instead of his lap. He held her there when she tried to get up. She looked over her shoulder at him, her blue eyes widened in fear.
                He reached for her foot and lifted it to his mouth, with his eyes still locked on hers, he kissed each of her toes, whisper soft, before moving to the pads of her feet and speaking the whole way. “I most certainly will not screw you and get it over with.” He was shaking, trying to bottle up the rage he was feeling, not toward her but the men that had made her believe that was all it was. “When we make love, it is going to be slow...”  He dragged out the last word intentionally, teasing her with soft deliberate kisses as he began to sensually tempt her body toward arousal. “I’m going to start at your feet, at your toes, and kiss every single inch of your beautiful little body.”
                He moved to her delicate ankles. Her shapely calves, his tongue couldn’t stay contained. He had to lick his way to the back of her knees. “I can’t leave this hidden place out, can I? No, every single inch.”                
He moved from her knee up the inside of her thigh to stop at her panty-line for a moment. “When I make love to you, Joy, you won’t be able to hide any part of yourself from me. These—” He slid his finger under the band of her panties before continuing, “will not be here.”
Then skimmed past her pinkened panty-clad bottom to kiss her lower back which was exposed, temptingly peeking out from under the hem of her shirt. He moved up over her back to nuzzle her neck beneath her hair. “When I make love to you, Joy, I’m going to make you sing my name, make you beg me for more, make you forget your own name, let alone those before me.”
He grabbed her elbow and flipped her over on his bed. He landed on top of her, using his elbows to brace himself so he wouldn’t crush her. Her legs opened to welcome him between them. Oh god. He crushed his mouth to hers, using his hand in her hair to hold her. Oh God. He wanted to have her, right now. One hand left her hair to find her bottom and gripped her tight to his aching—she jerked her lips from his and hissed. Oh damn it, he had to stop this… she was rocking her hips, thrusting against him.
“Take me right now, Nick. I want you.”
                “No… I… we have to stop this.” He pulled back. “I won’t do this until we are married.” He lifted his body from her and stood just as a loud knock rapped against the door.
                “Nick, I thought you were making pancakes?” Tony called.
                “Just a minute,” he croaked, then turned back to her lying there on his bed.
                What the hell was he doing? How had he gotten so carried away? “Come here, baby.” He reached for her hand and pulled her into his arms. “I’m sorry. I didn’t want to do this right now.” He looked down to find her hiding her face in his shirt. “Joy.” He tipped her chin up so she had to look at him. “I want you so much right now, but I will not take you cheaply. When I have you, it will be as my wife, and it will be soon. But, make no mistake about it—I want you very much.”

A Christmas Memory From Patty: 

A funny Christmas memory? Dang, if only I had a memory...  Well, lemme see. Our first Christmas after our daughter was born, my husband and I went out with my parents and brother to get a real tree- just like my family always did. I'm sure it was beautiful. You have to find the best tree! Only the best will do... In fact we would find our tree much like the scene in my book, Christmas Joy. 

Anyway, after a couple days of having our most beautiful, wonderful, amazing (you get the picture) real Christmas tree our six month old baby girl's eyes started to swell. She'd been getting really congested and her eyes had started to drain and get crusty. It clearly wasn't a normal cold and at the same time we were beginning to think she might be having an allergic reaction, my mother-in-law told Dev it was probably the tree. It seems he was allergic to Christmas trees as a baby too. 

So out went the tree and lo and behold she did clear up pretty fast. Now that isn't the funny story. What is funny is that my redneck husband didn't want to go through buying an artificial tree, (it was only a couple days until Christmas). So while I was gone one day, he shaped the strands of Christmas lights into the shape of a tree on the wall and hung the ornaments from it. We still have the picture of it, too. It was pretty funny looking, but he was rather proud of it. Sigh.

Now, for the first time since then- we've decided to try a real tree again, and so far so good. We shall see.. 

That Dev, he sure is creative. Thanks, Patty! 


  1. Aw, Dev was sweet!! I just finished Christmas Joy last night and loved it!!

    1. Thanks, Renee. I'm glad you liked it. Dev is artsy with the lights even to this day... They are strung everywhere! And I do mean everywhere!

  2. Sigh, that's what Nick made me do, Patty. Do they make men like that anymore? Very steamy and romantic. I think your Christmas memory was cute. Just one thing, do you thing your MIL could have mentioned the allergy a bit sooner? Poor baby girl.

    1. Well, Maddie, I forgot to mention that- my MIL was a tipping the bottle of vodka pretty heavily when Dev was a baby, (a lot when my daughter was a baby too, come to think of it). She didn't think of it until we were trying to figure out what was the matter.

    2. Thanks for having us Celeste! It's been a lot of fun blog sitting for you as it was... Don't worry- we remember the rules: No wild parties while you're gone- but if we do clean the hot tub and we better have good pictures.

  3. I didn't start reading the Naughty List yet. I want to get some serious writing done and then I'll reward myself:)


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