Wednesday, June 10, 2015

#SpankAtoZ J is for..


 Lord Jeffrey Amherst, to be exact. He's the hero of my book Becoming Lady Amherst. 

Here is an excerpt from one of my most flattering reviews for this book.

Ms. Jones did a wonderful job of characterizing and really making you love Jeffrey even though the entire book is told from Sarah's point of view. Even in the beginning when Sarah is set on disliking Lord Amherst, he never comes across as harsh or unreasonable. It's rare that I like a hero in a spanking romance from the very beginning, but Ms. Jones had me loving Jeffrey from the start! 

What made me feel good about this review is the fact that all of Becoming Lady Amherst is written in first person from the POV of Sarah, the heroine, yet, at least in the opinion of this reviewer, I had managed to make Jeffrey a lovable character. 

He is one of my favorite heroes. 

Hmmm. I wanted to include an excerpt from the book, but remember my G post about the Google Chromebook I bought after my computer died? Well, the death of the laptop means I don't have that document readily available. 

You know what...just go buy the book. I bet you'll like it 

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  1. Congratulations on a wonderful review Celeste :)



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