Sunday, June 21, 2015

#SpankAtoZ U is for

Underwear Probation

Underwear Probation is my first self-published book. I got the idea from a post on Twitter where a woman said that she was driving to work without undies because her mistress had ordered her to do so.

That got me to thinking about going to work without proper undergarments and voila, a masterpiece (okay, that might be stretching it a bit) was born.

When Daisy has trouble remembering the rules, her husband declares a day of Underwear Probation---no underwear for an entire day. Will Daisy be able to follow the rules---and learn to trust her husband's leadership? 

"If I'd been paying attention, I would have known I was breaking the rules and none of this would have happened. I really thought I was doing better.” 
“Maybe we need to up the ante a little bit so that your attention doesn’t wander.” 
Alarm thundered through Daisy. “Up the ante?” 
“Ah, my pet,” Reece slanted his eyes at his wife. “Tomorrow you will be on underwear probation.” 
“No underwear.” 
“No, Reece, please.” 
“You said yourself that if you’d been paying attention, you would have behaved better. I want the feel of your clothes on your bare ass to remind you all day long that I expect you to live up to my expectations of you and to behave like a lady.” 
Daisy grabbed the edge of the dresser and bent herself over. “Just go ahead and spank me now. You can even use a spatula or wooden spoon. Just get it over with.” 
The sly smile that crossed Reece's face made Daisy's stomach do strange things. “Oh no.” He said. “I'm starting to like this idea.” 

You can get your copy on Amazon. 


  1. So I've been a fan since the beginning

    1. LOL. I guess so. Thanks.

      BTW---I hit the publish button instead of schedule so my posts are out of order.

  2. Underwear it! and love the excerpt. Reece's last comment made me giggle.



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