Thursday, June 18, 2015

SpankAtoZ R is for


Hey...did you know I write Regency Spanking Romances? Check out the covers down the right side of this blog to buy a few.

But, do you know why the Regency era is called Regency?

In 1810 King George III of England was ill and became mentally incapacitated. His son, The Prince of Whales, ruled as Prince Regent during that time. Regent means a prince who rules instead of the monarch.

Other eras in British history are named for the monarch: Edwardian, Victorian, Elizabethan etc. So, the Regency era gets its name from the fact that the Prince Regent reigned.

The Regency era officially ended in 1820 when the incapacitated King George III died. His son then became King George IV, ushering in the Georgian Era, which in many ways, was an extension of the Regency era as far as fashion, politics, art and architecture were concerned.

Ta-da. Now, see if you can use that tidbit of information to dazzle your friends today.


  1. Enjoyed reading this Celeste, you learn something new every day :)


  2. So why are "Regency" romances so popular? Why not Georgian or Elizabethan? It's funny, but in all the Regency romances I've read, I can't ever remember hearing the "Prince Regent" mentioned. Nobility gets mentioned a lot, but never the top dog.

    1. I'm not sure about why they are so popular, possibly the influence of Jane Austen? But that's just a guess.

      The prince was actually quite a dandy and socializer so he had an influence on society, art and culture. You might have seen him referred to as The Prince or Prince George.


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