Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mimi's Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I had such a wonderful birthday that there really isn't anything left for my Christmas List. Oh, wait. Paolo says that we need a new flogger since the pink one is nearly worn out. I've heard that you know if I've been bad or good, so I'll assume you understand about the flogger.

I know this is sort of an unusual request but I'm sure that if you put elves Emma Snowsparkle and Renee Mistlekiss in charge of this they will do a much better job than they do with rocking horses.

Gotta run, Paolo is calling me.


P.S. Paolo would like the new flogger to be any color but pink. Thanks!

Here's more about the flogger from The Birthday Wish

Paolo picked up a round leather paddle and gave her bottom a couple of playful swats. Mimi squealed and looked over her shoulder at Miss Pretty Sex Shop Lady who quickly looked away and busied herself folding some wisps of fabric on a panty display.
“Hmm.” He turned the paddle over in his hand and slapped his palm a couple times. “This might be a possibility. What do you think?”
“I-uh-I don’t know.” A blush started somewhere near her navel and traveled to her scalp. Paolo slanted his eyes at her and smiled. “We have many options. No need to make a snap decision.”
He picked up a pink flogger with a braided handle and lengths of suede tails. He raised his hand in the air and gave it a good swish. Mimi’s nipples puckered at the sight and sound of it. Paolo stroked the soft tails down her exposed back and goose bumps covered her flesh. He gave a soft slap to her denim covered backside. “Mmmm. Cara mia, your eyes say yes to this one.”
She wanted to protest. Surely she must. Instead she smiled. “Yes, I do.”
“Good girl’” He slapped the back of her thighs with it and a thrill moved through her at the stinging touch.
Her breathing became shallow and she rubbed her hardened nipples against his arm. “What has happened to my shy Mimi?” His hand slid across her ass and gave a squeeze. “Perhaps we should make our other purchases quickly?” 


  1. She did enjoy that flogger! Loved The Birthday Wish.

  2. I think I need a pink suede flogger now... and can I borrow Paolo for the afternoon?

    1. You know he's devoted to Mimi! Now, if you have a birthday coming never know what might happen.

  3. Excuse me, Head Elf Anastasia will do an even better job! ;)


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