Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Tribute To Bosses Who Spank

It's Boss's Day in the US and in honor of all those firm bosses out there who know the best way to keep their employees in line is with a good hard spanking, I have compiled (with the help of my Facebook friends) a list of spanking books with bosses who know how to motivate. Please feel free to add others in the comments section.

And...just what is it about bosses who spank that we love?


Pleasing the Colonel by Renee Rose

Contemporary M/f

Accepting His Terms by Isabella Kole

Of Yesterday by Alta Hensley

Intimate Submission by Cara Bristol

Spanking Ms. Whitman  by Kate Richards

Dungeon Time by Kate Richards

Breaking His Rules by Sue Lyndon 

Jackie Draws A Straight by Patricia Green

Spanking Sydney by Paige Tyler

Training Tessa by Lyla Sinclair

Deathless Love by Renee Rose (Are Vampires contemporary?)

Contemporary F/f

Editorial Board by Anastasia Vitsky

Camp Spank by Alice Dark


  1. Love the list, Celeste. I've read most of the books on here and think they are yummy. Love me some stern, spanking bosses. :) Thanks for including Breaking His rules! :)

  2. Thanks for mentioning Intimate Submission. It was the first erotic romance I wrote! I LOVE the boss/employee trope. I've read some of the books on this list, but now have a few more to check out.

  3. I love me some stern spanking bosses too!! Yum yum! thanks for including my books!

  4. Hmmmm.... almost had a real life experience with a boss who spanked. Believe me when I say I was in the wrong! LOL
    I love these books!

  5. Thank you, Celeste!


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