Friday, October 18, 2013

#SatSpanks More from Lady Katherine's Conundrum

It's Saturday! Thanks for stopping by! This week I am continuing the scene from last week. You can read it here. Lord Winchester wishes for his wife, Lady Katherine to use some saucy language and she is hesitant.

Katherine could feel the heat spreading across her bottom to join the hot desire roiling in her nether region. She knew what he wanted her to say. She wished to please him, and even more so, she wished for him to fulfill the urgent need thrumming through her body. Those desires warred with years of rigid upbringing and strict adherence to propriety.
“Oh no,” she said in horror, “I could never say such a thing, my lord.”
He stroked his hand across her bottom and kneaded the hot flesh roughly between his fingers. He moved closer and laid the thickness of his arousal along the cleft of her ass, then slid it downward to press just outside the opening of her sex.
A trickle of desire slid down the inside of her thigh and Katherine wondered if she would be able to maintain her control. 
Lady Katherine's Conundrum will be available November 13

She’s back and she’s in trouble.

After a summer in the country Lady Katherine and her husband, Thomas, return to London to participate in all the festivities available to a Lord and his Lady. The scandal that forced them to marry is long forgotten and they are at the top of the social ladder.

In addition to the pleasures of an active social life, Lady Katherine is thrilled to learn that the friend who abandoned her in her time of need, Lady Lorena Arnold, is now the subject of a salacious scandal. 

Katherine can hardly believe her good fortune when she observes Lady Arnold en route to a tryst. But, before she can share the juicy tidbit with the other ladies of the ton, her husband lays down the law: No Gossip.

Will Katherine be able to keep her tale to herself? And if not, will her tail be at risk of a brisk spanking from the stern but loving Lord Winchester?

Note: This book is a sequel to Lady Katherine’s Comeuppance, but can be read on its own.
Further note: This book contains hot sex, erotic and disciplinary spankings. 


  1. I'm no prude but I understand her reluctance to use 'saucy language', but if that's what her husband wants... Off to do more reading.

  2. I think Lord Winchester is going to have fun convincing Katherine that's it okay to use a little 'saucy language' just between the two of them.
    Lovely description! YUMMY!

  3. Yum - I can't wait for this. Poor Lady Katherine never thought that day that he landed in her home declaring himself the new Lord Winchester, that he would cause her to sink so low or feel so high!

  4. Too early to read something so steamy. Now I'm going to be thinking about that all day. Great snippet.

  5. I'm guessing not on the control...

  6. This was so steamy. Love saucy language...just say it, Lady Katherine;)

  7. love it, Celeste! wonderfully hot scene

  8. I love that he's corrupting her. Can't wait for this to come out!!

  9. OH God my desire is trickling down my thigh too!

  10. I do hope she loses control. Yes, that would be best. LOL

  11. Hot hot hot! Looking forward to this release!

  12. This one's going to be a lot of fun to read. Nice snip, Celeste!


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