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Book Spotlight: The Gift by Maddie Taylor

The Gift the new release by Maddie Taylor is a refreshing change in spanking romance.  The suspense filled plot in this romantic paranormal thriller is the yummy hot fudge sundae and the steamy sex scenes and spankings are the cherry on top.    

The Blurb:

Isolated by her special talent, Erica Stevens is resigned to live out her life alone. Focused on her art, she gives back to the community in her own special way when she can. But fate has other plans for her and sends her a hero in the form of a gentleman Texas Ranger.

A divorced, single parent Lieutenant Vince Cooper is disillusioned with love, although he hasn't given up the search for his one, his perfect match. Along the way he has developed a firm belief in the distinct roles of a man and his woman and won't have it any other way. He meets quirky Erica Stevens during an investigation and instantly sees something special.

Thrust into the midst of a murder investigation, Erica finds herself a psychic witness to the crime and Vince must keep her safe, even if that means taking her very firmly under his control and administering a sound spanking, if the situation warrants it. Surrounded by intrigue, conspiracy and violence can the heated attraction grow into more between these two unlucky lovers? And can it survive the mysteries of the gift?

Amazon Best Seller, #10 in Occult Fiction

5.0 out of 5 stars My First Maddie Taylor but not my LAST!!!!! October 15, 2013
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This was my first Maddie Taylor, bought it based on the other reviews, and boy was I not disappointed. First, this book has a real, honest to goodness plot. The Texas Ranger is hunky!! The heroine is just bratty enough to be fun but not over the top, and the mystery was honest to goodness a real mystery.

I will be back for other titles by this author!

5.0 out of 5 stars Maddie Taylor knows how to write a romance... October 8, 2013
By molly
5.0 out of 5 stars All the right stuff October 11, 2013

5.0 out of 5 stars Great suspenseful read October 9, 2013


“OK, are you going to arrest me, Coop?”
“Nope, the coroner pinpointed the time of death and your alibi checks out, although we’ll run a check on your prints to be sure.”
“Great.”  She knew they had to suspect she was the murderer because she knew so much.  It was the same in all the other cases she had been involved with.  Still, she felt hurt that he didn’t believe her, but what did she expect?  If she hadn’t lived with this gift for the past forty years, she wouldn’t believe her either.  “I guess since you don’t believe me that only leaves option number two.  I’m just another crackpot and it’s time for me to go home.”
He studied her for a few moments, “I’m not sure what to believe at this point, but I consider myself open-minded.  I do know that I’m less of a skeptic now than when I entered the room.”
“At least that’s honest.”  She gazed back at him thoughtfully.  He seemed like a nice man.  So many of the investigators she had dealt with in the past had been real jerks, like O’Reilly.  “Do you want to tell me why someone would want to kill my neighbor and kidnap her daughter?  Leon Valley is a very quiet little suburb for this type of violence.”  He shook his head and remained silent.  “I didn’t think so.  And you don’t have to say it, I know.  You can’t discuss an ongoing investigation.” 
“So why’d you ask?”  He grinned at her.  His attraction was growing, the more time he spent with her.  He just worried about the touching.  It would be hard to spend time with a woman if his touch made her cringe.
“You never know when you’ll get lucky.”  Realizing how that sounded, she stifled a fake yawn and looked at her watch.  “I need to try to get some sleep before work in the morning.  At this rate, it will be midnight before I get home.”
“Just one more thing then I’ll take you home.  When O’Reilly was helping you out of the car earlier, you acted like his touch hurt you.  But when I touched you at your house, you didn’t react.”
“I don’t recall…”  Erica frowned as she replayed their first meeting over again.  Stunned, she shook her head in confusion.  “I remember you helped me with the smoke alarm and then later when I was feeling sick.  I must have been too distracted to notice.”
Coop reached across the table and grasped her hand, testing her reaction.  Maybe she needed skin to skin contact.  “What do you feel now?”
She stiffened slightly in reaction, then stared at their joined hands.  With a puzzled expression she used her free hand to grasp his other one. 
“Nothing.”  She looked up at him and smiled.  “It’s really amazing that I don’t feel a thing.” 
That was a lie.  His touch was warm and his hands were strong.  Looking into his handsome face she felt a tingling sensation start low in her belly.  The interesting thing was that these were her feelings, not his, but she kept that fact to herself for now.     
Coop noticed how her smile lit up her face, making the flecks of green in her hazel-gray eyes appear brighter.  Her smile was infectious and he returned it.  “I don’t know why, but I’m feeling slightly insulted.”

Spanking Excerpt:

“I counted seven moving violations that I could have cited you for, and I know I saw you texting while we were driving on I-10.  What the hell were you thinking?”
“I, uh…” she was tongue tied, unsure what to say.  He was right, but she wasn’t used to someone calling her on her behavior. 
“I care about you, Erica.  Although this is very new for us, I think we have a special connection.  That is why I can’t allow this behavior to go unchecked.  Texting and driving can be deadly, both for the driver and any innocent victims in the driver’s path.  It’s also against the law, as well as your speeding, tailgating and erratic lane changes.  I also saw you cruise through two red lights.”
“I think they were orange, Coop.”
He looked down at her, disappointed with her flippant response.  “I’m serious, Erica.  I’m about to do something that I hope will make you find it serious as well.  I’m going to spank you.”  He sat and pulled her between his legs.
“You can’t be serious.”
“I am definitely serious.  You have two options.  You can submit to the spanking as punishment for your behavior, or you can refuse and we’ll go our separate ways—your choice.”
She stood there with her mouth open.  He wanted to spank her like a naughty child.  That was the most outrageous thing she had ever heard.  But why then, did it make her feel warm and tingly inside?  In fact, when she imagined being over his lap with her skirt up, she soaked her panties. 
“What’s your decision, Erica?”
“I don’t know, but I don’t want you to go.”
“You’re choosing the spanking then?”  When she nodded, he pushed her a little more.  “I need to hear you say the words, honey.”
Her face felt on fire, as she forced herself to ask this man for a spanking.  “Yes, Coop, I choose the spanking.”
In an instant, she found herself face down across his lap and he was flipping up her gauzy skirt to reveal her panty clad bottom.  Stabilizing her legs with one of his own, he landed an open palmed slap on one full cheek. 
She squealed in alarm.  “What do you think you’re doing?”
“I would think that’s obvious.  I’m spanking your naughty bottom, of course.”  Another stinging swat landed on her other cheek. 
“Ouch.  But I didn’t know you’d lift up my skirt.  You can’t do this.”
“Really?”  Four more swats landed on alternating cheeks.  “Apparently, I can.” 
“Ow, that hurts.  Please Coop, no more.”Show more

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  1. Thanks for having me on your blog Celeste! I love being in the spotlight.

  2. Okay, I admit it. I read the spanking excerpt first! :) Congrats on the new release, Maddie!

  3. I gave Celeste the choice of which to include. Aren't you glad she kept the spanking scene. I know there would have been wails of disappointment with just the non-spanking scene leaving frustrated. LOL

  4. I loved this book Maddie. Mysteries, the paranormal, romance and spanking! I am glad she kept the spanking scene too!!

  5. Thanks Minelle. Do you think I could have crammed any more genres into this one book LOL I'll have to try harder next time.


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