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Spanking Stories Book Club---Leena Darling's Shorts

Thank you to Cara Bristol for hosting the discussion this week and posing some interesting questions.

Spanking the Naughty Bride by Leena Darling

Discussion by Cara Bristol

Before Rick and Sara got married, he told her he would spank her if she committed one of the three Ds: dishonesty, disobedience and disrespect. Of course, she didn’t think he meant it, and goes on to commit all three. Spanking the Naughty Bride is a compilation of four “short stories” by Leena Darling that follow a bride and groom from their wedding night to the first anniversary of their marriage.

The blurb:

Wedding Night Spanking (Naughty Bride #1) - Rick has always told Sara she would be a spanked wife once they got married. She never expected he would actually spank her for disobedience, but she soon finds out he's a man of his word. On their wedding night, no less!

Honeymoon Spanking (Naughty Bride #2) - Rick and Sara are a week into their honeymoon. She's still a little shocked (and sore!) from the spanking he gave her on their wedding night. She's vowed to love, honor, and obey, last one is giving her some trouble. It isn't long before she's back over her husband's knee. Rick is determined to start their marriage off right, even if it means using a wooden spoon on his wife's naughty bottom.

Newlywed Spanking (Naughty Bride #3) - Rick takes his job as head of household seriously. When his new bride, Sara, is in need of correction, he responds by giving her a good spanking. So when she disobeys him a week after they return from their honeymoon, he takes her over his knee for a hard, bare bottom spanking and anal punishment. Will Sara finally learn her lesson?

Anniversary Spanking (Naughty Bride #4) - Sara ends up in hot water with Rick while on a vacation in celebration of their one year anniversary. Not only does she fail to pack her oak hairbrush – on purpose! – but she lies about it too. And that’s not all she’s in trouble for. Rick metes out a punishment more severe than any he’s given her before, complete with figging and another taste of that dreaded wooden spoon.

To kick off the discussion, here are opening questions:

Spanking the Naughty Bride is not a novel. I would not even describe the individual parts as “stories” because they don’t have a story arc; there is no obstacle to be overcome. Rather, the book is a series of vignettes, excerpts from their marriage, scenes involving a misdeed followed by a spanking and sex. It’s like reading book that contains only the “good parts.” What do you think of this format? Do you find it as entertaining as a story?

Sara enters the marriage with “eyes wide shut.” She’s been told she’ll be spanked but doesn’t believe it. How did you feel about this scenario?

Of the four vignettes, which one was your favorite and why?

In the book, Rick calls Sara “young lady” when he’s being stern with her. She loves it—it gets her hot. In real life or fiction, are there any terms that do it for you?


  1. Hi Cara! Thanks for hosting today. I actually read this book after I read your post because I wanted to see what I thought of the vignettes vs. a whole novel. Overall, I prefer a novel with spanking in it, but I found these stories entertaining and it was fun to get a quick fix so I can see their appeal as well, depending on the reader and their mood.

    I was a little put off that although Rick had said he would spank Sara I didn't get the impression that he made sure she really believed it. Or maybe he did but Sara didn't think he was serious. I think I would have liked to know that it was very clear before they got married. If it was and then Sara thought she'd never do anything to deserve a spanking, then that's another issue, but she was informed.

  2. I haven't had a chance to read this yet, but I do like this format occasionally between heavier reads or when I'm in a time crunch. When I first started reading spanking fiction many moons ago this was the only format it was available. I loved it then & it's great for a quick read now.

    I've known a couple of women who's husband said he was a spanking man prior to marriage where they didn't believe it or didn't believe they would ever do anything to earn it. I think it's best if you take someone at their word, especially for something like this! As a story it's entertaining. She consented whether she thought it would happen or not!

  3. Thank you, Cara, for leading this discussion about Spanking the Naughty Bride, and thank you, Celeste for hosting on your blog! I am super excited about it! :)

    I prefer to read novellas and novels with spanking, but every now and then I just want to find a quickie spanking story, and I think it's hard to find shorter stories on Amazon (where I get most of my reading material), unless you're looking for the really hardcore erotica stuff.

    1. That is a good point, Leena. If I'm looking for a quick read I much prefer spanking to hardcore erotica. I have several friends who prefer that as well. I will definitely recommend this book to them!

    2. I agree that many of the "shorts" on Amazon are pretty hardcore and since lots of people stop by to read the free spanking short stories I have on my blog (hello lurkers!) you might be onto something.

  4. One thing that got my attention in Spanking the Naughty Bride was that Rick had told Sara she would spanked, but she didn't believe it. I think wives and husbands ignore major things about their future spouses before they are married. They think he won't drink as much, or her family won't be an issue, or his workaholic nature won't be a problem, or he'll change his mind about not having children, etc. etc. And then they're "surprised." So that a husband would tell his wife he will spank her--and she thinks she won't be spanked--doesn't strike me as unrealistic at all.

  5. I hate to be a "yeah, what she said" person, but I agree with Cara (I often do). People make the mistake of thinking they'll change their spouse or partner after the deal is cemented. They might not like one habit or trait, but they're sure they can "fix it" later. Spanking husbands have more success with this than others. Spanked wives nearly always fail, but they do grow to accept (more than tolerate) and even look forward to making changes in behavior.

    I have not read these stories, but as for length, I have to say I'm most fond of novellas these days. It used to be novels, but I don't have the time or patience I once had. Short stories, unless there's a strong arch, don't hold my attention for long enough. However, there is quite a proliferation of little shorts on the market right now. I think there's something for everyone and every mood, and that's how it should be.

  6. I too favor novellas over novels. When I hear of an author who has written a 350 page epistle, even though it might sound compelling, my first thought is, "Oh, no. It's long." Everything these days is getting shorter and faster, and I suspect our reading habits are changing because of it. On the other hand, longer novels allow for greater depth in the story. BUT...I feel some authors of longer novels "pad" their stories to make them longer. Have I given you whiplash yet?

    1. I read a longer book recently that seemed to have a lot of padding (IMO) and I could not help but wonder if publishers who give advances for longer books might not be to blame, at least in part....but that is possibly a topic for another day.

      Great discussion.

  7. Sorry I am late to the discussion! I read this book and thought the stories were really cute. I like to read novels if they keep my interest the whole time. I agree if they feel like they are just padded or drawn out they become exhausting.

    I like that these were four shorter stories, they are like a "quick fix" they could have been part of a novel, but you were only reading the high lights.

    At first I thought it was pretty naive of Sara to not take Rick seriously when he said he would spank her, but then reading the other comments I think you are right that a lot of people think their significant others might suddenly become different people after they are married.

    Sara gets turned on by being called "young lady". I totally get that, in a story, I like reading it. If it happened in real life I don't think it would have the same effect. If my husband called me 'young lady' I think it would have the opposite effect on me, but that's just me, LOL.

    It really gets me when he gives my hand a squeeze and raises his eyebrows at me if we are out somewhere and I am getting a little too tipsy and a little too loud. Just a subtle "Hey, reign it in." but not embarrassing me or coming right out and telling me I am acting like a jerk. It makes me swoony (and shuts me up- which is his obvious intention).

  8. I've read the book now and I really enjoyed it. Newlywed Spanking was my favorite. It hit all of the right spots for me. I will be checking out more of Leena Darling's works.


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