Thursday, October 3, 2013

Love's Reprise

This month I am featuring books that will be coming out in October. First up, is Love's Reprise, an anthology from Cassandra Dayne, Lucy Felthouse, Olivia Starke, Anastasia Vitsky and Kate Richards.

Love failed the first time. Will a second chance be enough?

Love gets a reprise in these short stories by best-selling authors Cassandre Dayne, Lucy Felthouse, Kate Richards, Olivia Starke, and Anastasia Vitsky. All about women's relationships with women, the romance and erotica are deep and abiding with musical interludes flowing throughout. Sprinkled with spanking, a little BDSM, eroticism, and true friendship, these stories tell of women who find love thanks to a second chance.

Anastasia Vitsky brings us a story about Leila and her lover Carene. Leila struggles to recover her career as a classical violinist, and Carene fights for the courage to ask Leila to stay.

Music plays a part in Cassandre Dayne's, "Broken Dreams," a story about the lead singer of a rock band who finds love with her former friend, veterinarian Samantha Mason. Their deep, dark cravings are finally revealed.

In Lucy Felthouse's story, ex-best friends Eden and Janine are forced to re-evaluate their estrangement when their siblings marry.

Kate Richards tells the story of pediatric Nurse Kim's struggle to rejoin the living after the tragic death of her wife. Can Doctor Nora Riley help her learn love can come again? The only problem is that she doesn't know if she can take a chance on love again. 

In Olivia Starke's story, Broken Promises, a witch named Bet gets a second chance for love 70 years after losing her life. If she and her new lover Tabby can survive The Witch's Curse.

Find the passion, the intimacy, and the desire among women in this anthology written entirely by women. Love's Reprise will melt your heart on even the coolest days.

Here's an excerpt from Anastasia Vitsky's story, where we get a chance to catch up with Leila and Carene from Simple Gifts

“Please. Spank me. I like it.” Leila murmured, lifting Carene’s hand toward her own bottom.

Carene let it fall against the rounded softness, the silky skin that had distracted her at Leila’s last spanking. Carene had meant to punish. Not for a rush of warmth and wetness to carry her to a plane where all she could feel was Leila next to her, moving as one with her, caressing her and telling her she was beautiful.

Leila caressed the back of her neck, lifting her head until she could whisper into her ear. “Harder, sweetheart,” she crooned. “Harder.”

An image came to Carene’s mind, a pigtailed girl so many years ago who had asked her if she needed a friend. The girl who championed her through every music camp week of their childhood, and the adolescent who saved all of her tenderness for Carene. “Not too fast,” Carene pleaded. Which of them she begged, she did not know.

“As slow as glaciers melting after the Ice Age,” Leila promised.

Carene’s gaze lingered on Leila’s face before nodding and closing her eyes. “Honey,” she said as she tried to focus on that long-ago little girl. “You always smelled of honey. Like a bee.”

Hands stroked her body in a way she couldn’t describe, and her body responded in ways she couldn’t understand. She only understood that her heartbeat quickened and her breath came less easily, and warmth followed each touch.

“You like spanking me,” Leila cooed, but Carene was as warm and soft as molasses taffy left in the sun. She couldn’t make her jaws move. “Do you know how long I’ve wanted to do this?” She cupped Carene’s bottom, leaning down to kiss each part of her body. But was it Carene’s body? Or was it Leila’s? Carene had lost track of who she was. She was lost in a sea of nothingness, but at the same time she felt cocooned inside Leila’s guidance. She heard a soft rumble before realizing it came from her own throat.

“Don’t. Stop,” she whispered.


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