Friday, November 8, 2013

Spanking Stories Book Club: The Winner (Romantek) by Patricia Green

Happy Friday!

We're taking a trip into the future and to the past with The Winner (Romantek) by Patricia Green.

Blurb: Audrey Beacon is a winner. Because of her slogan writing ability, she's won a fabulous vacation - one which only the rich and famous get to experience. It's a big leap for her; she's a small town girl, in a dull dead-end job; she's never had an adventure. Nevertheless, she accepts the prize and is whisked away to a fabulous cruise ship and then the prize: a RAVE - a dream-generated reality adventure. She picks a time-travel RAVE, and goes to 1850s Nebraska. 

While in her old West adventure, Audrey meets White Star Smith, a Native American man who has little tolerance for undisciplined females. He's not hesitant to show his displeasure in order to help Audrey improve her attitude and behavior. Audrey feels totally free to let go for the first time in her controlled, unadventurous life, because of course White Star isn't real. In short order, Audrey is in love. 

Coming back to the real world is tough, and gets harder when Audrey realizes that White Star might actually be a real person. So what was he doing in Audrey's RAVE? That was not part of the deal! 

Can he love her, despite her low social status? Can she show him that she loves him, or is her heart too much to risk?

This was a romantic and thought provoking story. During the RAVE Audrey is in a dream generated adventure, but she knows it, so we get to watch her navigate 1850's Nebraska with her 22nd century mind. 

It's fun to think about what the future is like and probably even more fun to write about it. According to Patricia Green, in the 22nd century, rice and mashed potatoes will be a luxury. I think mashed potatoes are now, but that's just me. 

During the RAVE Audrey meets White Star Smith, a Native American man. She assumes he's part of the cast of her adventure and shy Audrey turns into the vixen of Pollyville. 

Poor White Star. He wants to stay away from Audrey, but she keeps screwing up and needs spanking and he also can't keep his hands off her. 

But, what happens when Audrey returns to reality and finds out that White Star was another RAVE client whose adventure was combined with her own? 

My questions

  • If you could time travel, where would you go? 
  • Romantek, the company that produces the RAVE, implants a chip into the brains of participants a week before they go in order to learn their subconscious desires. If that happened to you, do you think you might be surprised at what they find out about you? 
  • What is it that's so appealing about Westerns and cowboys? 
  • During the adventure, Audrey behaves very differently from her 'normal' self. When you go on vacation, do you act differently from your usual day to day self? 
Any other thoughts on this book? 

Next Week---Breeder by Cara Bristol. 

November 22--- Cursed Waters by Casey McKay


  1. Thanks for having me, Celeste! I can't wait to see what people have to say. You're asking great questions.

  2. Great questions, Celeste! The premise of this book sounds really cool and I'm looking forward to read it.

    If I could time travel, I'd like to spend some time in the 1950s. I love walking through antique stores and I'm always drawn to stuff from this time. Plus they had indoor plumping in the 50s, so that's a plus. LOL.

    If I have any subconscious desires I haven't realized yet, it'll be news to me. Hook me up, please!

    I think readers are drawn to Westerns and cowboys because the heroes in these stories are as macho as it gets, and of course all notions of political correctness are nonexistent in these stories so it's a nice playground for spankings and dubious consent. :)

    I don't think I act different when I go on vacation, but I feel more relaxed because I know I won't run into anyone I know.

    1. Thanks, Sue! I agree about the plumbing! That's interesting about what you are drawn to in the antique stores.

      It's an interesting mix, I think, of no political correctness, but also treating women well (in the ideal cowboy/western hero), so even if he puts the girl over his knee, he's not going to tell her she's only good for making babies and churning butter.

    2. Oh, Sue, such good answers. I particularly like the 1950s one. Just so happens, my current WIP is another Romantek, set in 1950's Los Angeles. :)

  3. I absolutely adored this book! It certainly set my mind a churning. Trish, I am very happy to find out you are writing book two!

    If I could time travel I would go to medieval times or the early 1900's.

    The way the chip seems to work I think I would be a little afraid of what I would find. However, I can guarantee there would be a lot of spankings! My mind just happens to be a little obsessed.

    I will admit that cowboys just flat do it for me. I love how capable they are & macho/alpha. Yum! Hard working to boot!

    I don't act completely differently when I am on vacation, but being so much more relaxed allows me to be a bit more free spirited & happy as a whole. In a rave it's very possible that I might lose even more of my hibitions. There are no real world consequences (unless they happen to plant another real person in your rave like what happened to Audrey.) I would likely throw caution to the wind and in real life I am absolutely not like that.

    1. Audrey tried to be more free-spirited. Poor thing just couldn't quite get it right. :) Thanks for coming by and commenting. I should have the next Romantek book drafted in early December. Published probably in the new year.

  4. I am almost finished with this book and I am loving it! I like that it is set in the future, but takes place in the past. Very fun idea!

    If I could time travel I think I would go to the 20's. How fun would it be to be a flapper. And the dress is super cute (I am completely motivated by dressing options)!

    I don't think I would want a chip in my head recording my deepest darkest desires. I have some weird dreams, LOL. I am with Corinne though, there would definitely be a lot of spanking and sex. But the rest can stay in my brain, thank you very much.

    Okay, am I the only woman on the planet who does not find cowboys appealing. Don't get me wrong, White Star was a hottie, but I liked him in spite of him being a cowboy. I don't know, I think cowboy- I think dirt, sweat, a horsy smell. I'm not very outdoorsy.

    I don't think I act different on vacation. But if I were in Audrey's situation I probably would because she was living out a fantasy/dream sequence. I would probably do things that were a little more daring than I would in normal life.

    And my other thought on the book is: No mashed potatoes?? I would die in the future.

    1. I'm so glad you're enjoying the book, Casey. No, they don't eat starchy carbs in the twenty-second century, not legally in North America, anyway. 1920s were roaring, so they say. I don't know much about that period, but you're right, the clothing was amazing.

    2. Casey, we think alike. The 20's was the first period that I thought of when I was trying to decide. As you can see there are just too many time periods I would like to travel to!

  5. I haven't read this one yet but I am really intrigued now! Love time travel


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