Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Challenge from Sophie Sansregret

Sophie Sansregret has posted a challenge on her blog and called me out. Well...

The challenge is to find the word LOOK in your current work in progress and then post the sentences around it. Choose your three favorite Looks to post.

Mine are from my current work in progrees: Newlywed...Again the story of a couple in their 40s who are taking a second (or third) chance on love.


We  checked in to the hotel, one of the strip casinos, and headed for our room. As we approached the room, excitement hurried me along. Even though we’d agreed on a regular room, I’d booked us a suite. I knew Jack would love the surprise.

I let him open the door and then he attempted to carry me over the threshold, but given his bad back and my middle aged ass, I suggested we save our energy for consummating our marriage.  Besides, I wanted to see the LOOK on his face when he saw the suite and if he was straining under my weight it might be hard for him to focus.


Jack was so handsome it made my heart ache to LOOK at him and realize that he loved me. Me. And wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Me. Can you believe it? I hardly can. In fact, I’d become so determined that there was no man out there for me that I’d stopped shaving my legs. What was the point?

On the fourth day of my cavewoman experiment the dog rubbed up against my calf and left a tuft of hair, so I started to at least shave anything in the dog’s range.
Like a moth to a flame, I headed for, well, head. I crawled onto the

lower part of the bed and knelt between his legs and took his cock into my mouth. All of it. All the way down to the shaft. I nestled his balls in my right hand, grasped the base of his shaft in my left and slid my mouth and hand up and down the length of him in unison.

I LOOKEd up at Jack, because I sort of like having an audience and knowing that my efforts are appreciated gets me hot. He did not disappoint.  Propped up on a couple of pillows so he could watch, Jack smiled his approval. Our eyes met and I felt him get even harder against my tongue.
I've learned that I use "look" pretty frequently so I might need to get a thesaurus. A fun challenge, Sophie. Thanks!
And now I'm throwing down the challenge to:


  1. Oooooh...those blurbs are hot. I'm off to LOOK now for my own. Challenge accepted! :D

  2. You are SO FUNNY. See my friend Mimi from my posting. You'd get along. We all would. A happy sagging trio.

    You rock six ways from Tuesday.


  3. All good excerpts! Gonna have to find TWO people to tag.

  4. That is hilarious!! I couldn't find excerpts as good as yours, but I put three up. Thanks for a great idea!


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