Sunday, September 30, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Happy Sunday!

This week I thought I'd show a little love to Twenty One Days to a Better Attitude. Darcy's new neighbor has decreed that he will be at her house every Saturday night to spank her. This week, he's decided to add some corner time, though it takes Darcy a minute or two to figure out his intent.

Ben took her hand, but instead of leading her to the bed, he led her to the corner of the room. He gripped her shoulders and turned her to face the wall.

This could be interesting, she thought.

A thrill went through her when she felt Ben reach under her skirt and pull her panties down around her ankles. I guess he’s not much into foreplay... Or maybe he just can’t wait.
Hot breath filled her ear. “In order to make the effect of the spanking last longer, you’re going to do some corner time.

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  1. Fun. I like the way she doesn't get it yet!

  2. LOVED this part. She was getting all hot (and it was hard not to yourself) and then corner time! It was a great buildup. Lovely six!

  3. Great six! Ah...corner time...sigh:)

  4. Okay, you got me. Now I am going to have to read more.

  5. Just finished reading this last night. It was refreshing to see the scene *not* go in the expected sex direction. :)

  6. Hi Everyone---Sorry I'm late w/my replies but just wanted to say thanks for stopping by! See you next Sunday!


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