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Writing Wednesday---Dancing with Stevie McCoy

Hi Everyone! Let's give a warm welcome to Stevie McCoy who is here to talk about spanking and dancing and flash fiction.
3 Steps to a Good Spank

Let’s start off by saying a good spank like dance, or perhaps many other things, have steps for optimal performance. In dance, there are three essential steps that when placed together in different sequences create various different dance moves. So wouldn’t it be the same that there are three important steps to create the foundation for a good spanking?

Step 1: The Walking Step

I know this may seem like a redundant step, but you’d be amazed by how many people forget how to walk when they’re told they’re supposed to be dancing. So you say the word dance and the one move they already knew how to do on a daily basis becomes stiff and awkward.

This is no problem it just requires a little muscle memory recharge.

So when you’re writing a spanking scene just remember that for any good writing scene, in general, it is important to have good character depth. I need to care about the character and feel what they feel. Once you’ve accomplished that then it won’t matter if you place the character in an awkward situation because it isn’t awkward with the right amount of buildup and foundation.

Step 2: The Side Step

In dance the side step is kind of like being in crowded bleachers and really needing to leave, but none of the people want to make it easy for you. So what do you do? You scoot one foot out to the side then drag the other foot to meet it and then repeat the process.

It’s essentially the walking step, but to the side.

This in the spanking scene world translates to needing more than one way of delving into your character. So you’ve walked your character out, now it’s time to make sure they are well rounded and can do it to the side. For instance, ask yourself the questions:

What has the character done, or not done, to deserve a spanking?

What is your character’s personality and how would they react to being spanked?

Who exactly is doing the spanking and in what way?

The side step is flushing out all the options and questions to determine the best way, you’re character, would react or handle the situation.  

Step 3: The Rocking Step

The rock step, in dance, is where you step forward, with your back foot still behind you, and you transfer your weight from the front to the back and repeat. Like a rocking chair when your front foot is rolled to its heel the back foot is flat, and when the front foot is flat the back foot is rolled to the toes.

Basically, this is the step where when we think the character is going to move forward, they hesitate, and end up moving a step backwards instead. In all stories it’s important to remember the journey to self-discovery is not always a straight one and sometimes it takes a step back in order to move two steps forward, later.

A great way to hone your skills is to get the same effect in a limited amount of words, like flash fiction challenges.

Flash Fiction:  Letting Go

I came to this spot, on the edge of the gorge, where 50 feet below were trees and rapid waters, every weekend. With my hands on the railing of the bridge, I would close my eyes to feel everything around me from the scent of the pine, the sound of the water crashing against the rocks, to the soft mist upon my face. The whole world seemed to spin with the sensations so I clung to the metal barrier between the nature and myself to steady it.

“I was beginning to think there was another man.” Luke’s voice rung in my ears like a distant echo, making it difficult for me to believe he was anything more than a memory in my mind.

“Nature is a beast of a man.”  I smiled to myself.

“You should go home.” His voice whispered delicately into my ear. Hot breath tingled down my neck making his closeness all too real. I tightened my eyes closed trying to keep his presence fresh.

“Not yet.” I sighed.

A sharp sting hit my backside sending my heart racing. I jumped in shock. Turning around like a sharp whip, I heaved staring into the vacant wind. A dull throb pulsed through my tender cheek and I rubbed at it to smooth out the feeling.

“I’m not ready.” To let go of him, just yet.  I stared at my flushed hand and then realized I had done it myself.

His voice repeated in my mind, “Go home.” It was time to move on. I crouched down then wrapped my legs and arms around one of the bridge railings. Resting my head on the chilled metal, I cried. The tears flowed freely from their confines as I clung to the bridge my husband last drove on. A deep nagging part of my soul wished for a car to not notice the spec of a person staring out into the beast.

I knew better and I would go home, just not yet.

332 words

Thank you for having me on your blog Celeste, and Happy Spanking to everyone!
Stevie McCoy is a paranormal fantasy romance writer that enjoys ballroom dancing, flash fiction, and everything writerly. You can find her on twitter @theglitterlady and on her blog for flashfiction challenges, author interviews, and book reviews. Or you can check out her serialized fiction and personal updates on 

Thank you Stevie! I love dancing (even though I try to lead) and your advice is wonderful.


  1. This is a neat post! I am not in any way a dancer, but I loved the way you've put this together. I especially like (though I can't see in my mind the "rocking step") your reminder that character progression is rarely a straight line forward.

    Thanks, Stevie and Celeste!

    1. If I were being philosophical, I'd say that life is often that way too...rarely a straight line.

    2. Life in general isn't a straight line... and sometimes us writers have a certain thing we want to discuss and flesh out but tend to forget that from point A to point B isn't always straight and it's preferable for it not to be. Glad you enjoyed the post!

  2. Interesting post! I especially like how you described step 3. I enjoyed your flash fiction piece too, Stevie.

    1. Thanks Sue! I'm tempted to try some flash fiction now.

    2. Thank you, hopefully it inspired you to get on a brand spanking new story. (lol pun intended)

  3. Such a neat way to describe writing a scene. The flash fiction piece was great. :)

    1. Thank you, I used to teach ballroom so it's like combining two passions in one! And I think they blend nicely.

  4. Cherie---Nice to see you here! Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I connected with your explanation of step 2. It makes so much sense to consider the personalities involved as you write your descriptions. Otherwise you are just writing the same story over and over with different names as main characters.

    I also enjoyed the flash fiction.

    Thanks for bringing us Stevie, Celeste!

    1. Great point Minelle. I find myself doing that sometimes and it's a hard habit to break.

    2. So true, using a format or particular plot can sometimes lead to flat characters. Many people may go through the same experiences... but every person responds and reacts to it differently to create a unique story and point of view. Glad you enjoyed the post!

  6. I can write, but I can't dance. My husband and I have taken lessons on several occasions, and finally gave up. We took Beginning Ballroom dance lessons twice. I think we needed remedial ballroom instead. But I do know what the rock step is, and it's a great metaphor for what needs to happen in a story.

    Enjoyed your flash fiction piece. It was so poignant!

    1. Thank you for your kind words ^_^ , and I've known many instructors that just don't know how to teach the basic elements in a way people can understand. So don't give up on dancing, it just means you haven't found the right instructor for you. (I used to teach ballroom) ^_~


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