Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Book Recommendation: Claiming Their Maiden

Still looking for a book to ask for during my Book Party? Here's a recommendation: Claiming Their Maiden by Sue Lyndon. 

Despite growing up as a nearly friendless orphan, Amelia had managed to carve out a meager existence. Then, without warning, Amelia found herself falsely accused of a terrible crime and forced to flee for her life into the vast, dangerous forest outside her village. Alone, terrified, and pursued by both man and beast, the end seemed near for Amelia… until she fell from a tree into the arms of a towering hulk of a man and fainted in panic.

She is pleasantly surprised to awaken in a warm, soft bed in an ancient castle deep in the forest, and she is even more surprised when she learns that her rescuer, Trent, and his brother, Gavin, are the lords of this castle, but the truly shocking revelation comes when the barbarian brothers inform her that she has been promised to them by the Goddess and that she is to be their wife.

Like all men of their kind, Trent and Gavin were born as twin brothers, and the magic of their people will bind them forever to their chosen mate. With the promise of the Goddess backed up by fierce desire for the beautiful Amelia, both brothers are delighted to claim this unspoiled maiden as their own. The brothers are fully prepared to teach their new bride obedience, and they know that nothing will impart that lesson better than a good, hard spanking on her bare bottom.

Amelia wants to hate Trent and Gavin with every fiber of her being, but their firm discipline is coupled with kindness, concern, and a deep and powerful love that she never imagined she would experience from any man, let alone two great warriors who are both so handsome it nearly takes her breath away. Though it fills her with shame, when the time comes for them to claim their beautiful new wife—each in turn and then both at once—she cannot help but yearn to be taken long and hard.

My thoughts: So, on Monday I mentioned reading F/f and now I am reading menage. And loving it. What's happened to me? 

I wasn't sure how I would feel about a woman shared by two brothers, but I am here to report that I liked it. I liked it A LOT. 

Sue Lyndon handles the brother thing so well. It's not like Billy Ray and Bubba down at the bar sharing some drunk girl they brought home. In Claiming Their Maiden the brothers are not your usual guys...oh no, they are Banded Men who are twins. One is awake during the day and the other at night...except for the few hours when they are both awake and 

The two brothers are distinct in their personalities and what they bring to their relationship with Amelia. I particularly liked how each brother had a different endearment for her. 

For a hot read that is also sweet and endearing, pick up your copy of Claiming Their Maiden.


  1. "It's not like Billy Ray and Bubba down at the bar sharing some drunk girl they brought home." LOL I am so using this quote!

    Thank you so much for recommending Claiming Their Maiden. :) I am still excited that I was your first threesome.


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