Friday, October 18, 2013

Spanking Stories Book Club---Harder Choices

Welcome to the Spanking Stories Book Club! This is your guest host, Sue Lyndon, and I’d like to thank Celeste for having me today!

This week we’re talking about Harder Choices by Patty Devlin. You can find the book here on Amazon. Harder Choices is actually book two in Ms. Devlin’s Choices series. I read the first book, Tough Choice, a few months ago and enjoyed it. Harder Choices picks up soon after the end of Tough Choice, but I think the books can stand alone, and I enjoyed the sequel just as much as the first book.

In Harder Choices, (Choices Book 2) Jessie is settling into her DD marriage. Things should be easier but Jessie is still struggling with making the right choices. It seems she has harder choices now such as when to use her free spanking pass, or if she rather him use the belt or the dreaded bath brush.

1. Early in the book, Jessie finds out that one of Gabe’s friends witnessed him spanking her during a scene that occurred in book one. While it was only a few swats and Gabe didn’t realize anyone could see them, Jessie is furious. Do you think she overreacted, and do you think it was fair for Gabe to spank her for this reaction?

2. How did you feel about Jessie meddling in Tyler and Darcy’s business? Her heart was in the right place, but Gabe did warn her to mind her own business, more than once. In your opinion, were these instances spankable offenses?

3. What are your thoughts on the free spanking pass? Do you think the end result of this episode reaffirmed the DD aspect of their marriage?


  1. These all sound like interesting questions. This book has been on my TBR list, but I haven't read it yet. Wish I could answer the questions but I can't.

    1. It's okay if you didn't read the book yet, Cara. You can still partake in the coffee and num nums.

  2. Good morning! Or...errr. afternoon. I slept late. But I brought coffee and delicious num nums to pass around. :)

    Sometimes I like to read a spanking romance with characters that are already married and practicing DD. Harder Choices really hit the spot for me.

    I felt bad for Jessie when she discovered Gabe's friend had witnessed him swatting her bottom on the way to the house, but she'd broken one of his most important rules and he didn't think anyone could see them at the time, so I'm afraid I kind of side with him on this one. Sorry, Jessie! LOL

    I was a little frustrated that Gabe was so against Jessie trying to help Tyler. The poor guy needed someone to talk to. I felt her heart was in the right place, but she definitely got a little out of line when she started calling Darcy names. I think the name calling was a spankable offense, but trying to help (or meddle by Gabe's definition) Tyler was a hard one. He'd forbidden her to meddle and she did it anyway, and she knew what she was getting into if Gabe found out.

    I thought the free spanking pass episode definitely reaffirmed the DD part of their marriage. At first, Jessie's excited, but that excitement can't last when she sees how hurt Gabe is by her actions, and the guilt she feels over her misbehavior and hurting her husband can't be erased with a free spanking pass.

  3. I love seeing your thoughts on the characters actions. I can't wait to see what others have thought.

    I will have to check back in.

    :) Is there a limit to the donuts if I come back multiple times?

    1. Pattie, you are the guest of honor here, please take as many donuts as you like! :)

  4. It's been a bit since I've read these two so I'm going by memory. Tough questions Sue, I enjoyed both books and remember thinking Gabe was a pretty strict disciplinarian and feeling glad he wasn't my DH. But I also thought Jessie was a loose cannon and needed the discipline. I liked the inner turmoil and thought processes we got to share in as Jessie struggled with the new and often very strict lifestyle.

    The witnessed spanking: Since Gabe knows that Jessie is having a hard time adjusting, he should have taken her inside for a discussion and a firm correction. Not swatted her as she walked along like a 2 year old. Bad DH, but it shows that they aren't perfect, not by a long shot. That one is a point for Jessie.

    The Tyler issue also goes to Jessie. I agree with Sue, he needed someone to talk to. Who better than Jessie who was struggling as well? You got to be there for your friends, Gabe. Come on!

    The free spanking pass is a bit of a toss up. Gabe can be benevolent and waive a spanking. Jessie can feel like she's gotten off the hook or gotten away with something but still has to live with the consequences of breaking a rule and disappointing Gabe. My opinion about a free pass is that it depends. The offense should determine whether it can be used as.a get out of spanking pass . If it is an extreme rule violation, DUI for example, it needs to be dealt with and the pass disallowed. This is a life or death situation. If it is a minor offense, oops a bad word or I forgot to iron his shirt... then it is a cute idea and should be allowed. No point on this one for either.

    So the scorecard is Gabe 0 Jessie 2. Which means Gabe needs to lighten up a bit, I think. But that's just my opinion. Again I loved both books and saw character growth in both. I just could relate more to Jessie who was struggling so with her adjustment.

    Did I do OK from memory?

    1. Yes, you did great from memory! You have some good points here. I'm LOLing over your scorecard. Gabe was strict and he wasn't perfect, which made him seem very real IMO. Now I need to read the 3rd book in this series to see what happens next!

    2. I'm laughing my butt off at The score keeping too!

  5. Great questions and comments everyone. Thank you so much Sue for leading the discussion. When we set this up a few weeks ago I had no idea that I'd be spending today dealing with family health issues, so this worked out really well.

    I have this book on my kindle to read and now I am totally intrigued, particularly by the free pass idea.

    1. Sorry about the health issues, Celeste! I hope everything is okay now or will be soon!

    2. I'm sorry to hear about the health issues too Celeste.

      I on the other hand have been soooo busy the last two weeks... In Hawaii... shopping, snorkeling, sunning... You know.

      But I keep trying to stay connected here too. :) Sorry for not being around much.


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