Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Milestones Excerpt---Conclusion

Have you heard? Milestones, the domestic discipline anthology from the same band of writers who brought you Coming To Terms, will be available on Valentine's Day! 
Yesterday, I shared the first part of this excerpt from my story, Making It 'Write'. If you missed it, scroll down and start there for the first part of this scene. 

She slid a finger into her pussy and Owen nearly burst inside his jeans.
“Whose pussy is that?” He stood and gazed down at her, mesmerized by the movement of her fingers in and out of the pink swollen lips of her sex.
“Yours,” she said, slowing the movements of her fingers.
“And did I give you permission to play with my pussy?”
She sighed. “No,” she said, “But, I’m dying. Please. I’m going to explode.”
“Much as I am enjoying your efforts, I think it’s time for you to stop that right now and get yourself into the corner to think about your naughty behavior.”
“I’m sorry,” she did look repentant. “I just want you so badly. Please.”
He wanted her pretty badly too and it was all he could do not to bend her over his desk and have his way with her right then and there, but she needed to learn a lesson. “The sooner you get your little self into the corner the sooner we can get to the fucking. But you know better than to come in here and act like a wanton hussy. Is that how my little miss is supposed to behave?”
Of course, he loved it when she got so hot and bothered that she couldn’t control herself, but he also loved prolonging the game. He considered it one of his most important duties has head of their household.
“Hands on your head. I don’t want you to be tempted to touch that pussy unless I say you can. You are a very naughty girl.”
Oh gawd. As if she wasn’t already burning with desire, Owen’s stern tone and total control of the situation turned her into a quivering puddle of horniness. She stood in the corner, hands on her head, and breathed deeply trying to quell the tightness coiling in her pussy and yearning for release.
Behind her she heard Owen close the door. The ‘click’ of the door lock sent a jolt of delicious anticipation through her body and she worried her lower lip between her teeth wondering what would happen next.
Owen’s footsteps echoed behind her and each one tightened the knot of passion lying low in her belly. The footsteps stopped and she glanced down to see her husband’s feet immediately behind her own. His clothing rustled and she saw his jeans fall to the floor only to be kicked out of the way. She smiled at her husband’s impatience which mirrored her own.
“So tell me,” Owen’s voice was a gravely whisper in her ear, “what naughty things have you written today that have distracted you so much that you felt you could take liberties with your pussy when I have told you repeatedly that it is mine?”
The portion of her body which was the subject of this conversation pulsed with longing. “It’s a schoolgirl fantasy story.”
“With a strict schoolmaster?”
“Of course.”
“And a very naughty school girl?”
“Yes,” Jill said, her throat suddenly going dry.
“What did she do that was so naughty?” Owen’s voice rasped in her ear and the fine hair on the back of her neck stood on end.
“She has atrocious handwriting and an unbridled libido.”
“Oh my. Serious infractions indeed.” Owen kneaded the naked flesh of her backside with his strong hands. “What do you suppose the strict schoolmaster would do if he found the naughty schoolgirl touching her pussy without permission? In fact, she wasn’t just touching it without permission, but she was intentionally trying to arouse the schoolmaster with her bad girl behavior?”
“I suppose someone with an unbridled libido might act that way.”
“Is this one of those ‘write what you know’ instances?” Owen’s fingers slid over her hips and into the warmth between her thighs.
“I’d still like to do more research,” Jill said, pressing herself into Owen’s touch. 
His fingers squeezed the nub of her clit. “Research is important.” He rubbed harder and the firmness of his cock pressed against Jill’s backside. Her hands remained on her head as she’d been ordered but as Owen increased the friction on her sex, she lowered her hands and reached behind herself to stroke her fingers across his cock.  
Owen moaned and Jill turned to fully clasp his shaft between her hands. She loved feeling the weight of his cock against her palms. Her hand stroked up and down the shaft.
Owen wrapped his arms around her and then lowered the two of them to the floor together. Once Jill was situated on the carpet Owen moved down her body and knelt between her legs. He stroked the inside of her thigh and lowered his head toward the moisture of her womanhood.
Jill closed her eyes and focused on the pleasuring she was about to receive.
“Mom! We’re home!” The front door slammed closed and two pairs of little feet pounded up the stairs.
Somehow Owen managed to get himself dressed and into the hallway before the kids reached the top of the stairs.
Jill sighed and reached for her clothes.


  1. Yes, research! More research! And perhaps an afterschool club to sign the kids up for...

    1. Sometimes you have to sacrifice for your craft!

      Good idea on the after school club. ;)

  2. Oh what??? Just as it was getting good! LoL. Super hot snippet Celeste and I agree, definitely more research ... lots of it!

    I have just received an ARC of milestones having reviewed Coming to Terms and can't wait to start reading!


  3. "Mom! We're home!" LOL. That's as bad as "Mom! Why's your door locked? I want to tell you something!" or "Daddddy! I can't find Mom!"

    Loved your story, Celeste! So funny and hot, and I could definitely relate to it. Only one more day...


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