Friday, February 28, 2014

Spanking Stories Book Club---With Hearts Aflame

It's been a fun week having all the With Hearts Aflame ladies visiting and we are all together again for Spanking Stories Book Club. 

With Hearts Aflame is an anthology of Valentine's stories. If you scroll back through this week's posts, you'll see blurbs and excerpts for the five stories included in this boxed set. 

I asked the authors to send me some suggested questions for today's discussion and they did not disappoint. 

From Maddie Taylor: According to a 2009 study for Romance Writers of America, the largest segment of romance readers range from 31 to 49-years-old (44%), with the average age being 44. They are female (90.5%), married or living with someone, and reside in the Midwest (28.8%).    (Originally from the Midwest, I threw that last part in for entertainment purposes.) 
Master My Love features an early 40's H/h.  What age group do you prefer to read about and why?  Is there an age group you prefer not to read about? (underage and octogenarians excluded, of course). 

From Maren Smith: Do you think you'd mind if the man you'd had your eye on and been flirting with for the last year turned out to be a spanker? 

From Robin Smith: How badly do you think it would affect you to discover the most huan of your long time friends wasn't human after all. 
Another One from Robin Smith: When reading sex scenes, do you prefer to go expliccit or all soft and romantic. 

When reading romance, do prefer more realistic or fantasy scenarios? 

From Dinah McLeod: Would you take a spanking for bad behavior from someone you just met? 

One From Me: When you are reading spanking romance, do you prefer harsh spankings or more romantic one? 

I also asked the authors of With Hearts Aflame to share either their naughtiest or nicest Valentine's memory. If anyone else has one to share, feel free. 


  1. Thanks for the great questions everyone!

    I prefer reading about couples ranging from 30-60, though I like a variety. I think people like to read about people closer to their own ages w/some of the same issues but also like to mix it up a bit and read about younger couples sometimes too.

    Robin's Question--discover some of my friends weren't human would explain a great deal. lol

  2. Oh goody! What fun questions.

    Maddie - I'll read and enjoy characters of any age group, but I am slightly more drawn to stories with older heroes and young virginal heroines.

    Maren - No, I don't believe I'd mind. Actually, I'd feel like I hit the spanko lottery. :)

    Robin - After saying something sarcastic like "Do you want me to take you to my leader?" I'd probably start asking them a million questions and annoy them so much they wouldn't want to be my friend anymore.

    Dinah - I don't think I could let a stranger spank me, whether for fun or discipline. Reading about it is fun though.

    Celeste - I like reading about harsh discipline spankings the most. Yum.

  3. What intriguing questions!
    Imagine if I discovered my sweetie was a spanker and not human. Well, I'd just wonder why it took me that long to find out! but if we'd been together quite a while...and I already liked them...I guess it would depend on whether they turned into a green puddle of slime in their true form because that would be a deal breaker.

  4. I do prefer to read about characters who in their 40s--or at least mature 30 somethings. I don't care for very young (18, 19) year old heroines. I can't identify with them. The exception is Regency, where they often have a more mature persona.Whether a sex scene should be explicit or romantic really depends on the story and the characters.

  5. From Maddie: I am not picky about the age group, I am willing to give any story a try.
    From Maren Smith: Heck no! I think it'd add a little spice! (;

    From Robin Smith: I would be intrigued and it'd explain a lot!
    Another One from Robin Smith: When Reading sex scenes, I think it can either way. It can be soft or hard and rough.

    I like both realistic and fantasy scenarios.

    From Dinah McLeod: I would take a spanking just because of the pure suspense and nervousness of the moment.

    One From Celeste: I like both of types of spankings in a story.

  6. I generally prefer slightly older heroes and younger, virginal heroines, with the heroes in their late 30's early 40's and the heroines in their late 20's early 30's. But that's just me.
    I'm not sure if I'd let someone I'd just met spank me, but I definitely wouldn't mind if the man I'd had my eye on for a while turned out to be a spanker.
    I prefer romantic or sensual over explicit sex scenes (squishy noises tend to put me off), and if the spanking is harsh, I want to see lots of affectionate aftercare when it was over.
    I have difficulty admiring heroes who take pride over the welts or bruising they given the heroine. Now a pretty, pink butt is another matter entirely... ;-)

  7. I'm so terribly sorry to join this discussion late. It's fun to see the other responses anyway.

    Maddie- That is a great question. I do not care for a particular age that I can think of, however, I do like an age difference between the characters. The man being much older than the woman is my favorite. Lavyrle Spencer did that in the The Endearment and I've always love it. But more so in Johanna Lindsey's Gentle Rogue. And my first spanking fiction, the Choices series features the same set-up.

    Maren- UM, DUH! I'd be like- "hello, Mr Right. Do you want me to bend over the table or the the couch?"

    Robin- Finding our my most human friend isn't human would definitely would be a shocker. And to answer the third before the second, I prefer realist books over fantasy or paranormal but sometimes really good ones suck me in.
    As to explicit sex scenes or romantic, I am happiest with out all the dirty details, when I can sink into a great book that wastes no words, when it's all plot and great spanking scenes. But- of course I am human and some times when the mood is right I do want a really raunchy, pull my hair and slap my a$$ down and dirty erotic novel. Not as often as the first, though.

    Dinah- No, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't really take a spanking from someone I just met, but wait- this is fiction, and in fiction there is a lot of things I'd do and enjoy a lot more than in real life...

    Celeste- I do prefer both kinds of spankings but honestly a harsh punishment spanking is always my favorite.

    Thanks again for having us!

    And thanks everyone else for reading With Hearts Aflame and joining the discussion!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I like the H equal or a bit older than the h, I also prefer at least late 20's and have done as old as 60, not starting that old but evolving in the story. early 40's seems to be popular with readers for the H. The May-December is not really my thing, the biggest age difference having been 9 years to date.

      As far as minding if my crush turned out to be a spanker, heck no, I'd mind if he wasn't. LOL

      The human not human question kind of tweaks me. What kind of non-human? Some kind of sexy shifter comes to mind first, that sounds interesting as long as I could set limits on interactions between my human and the beast. Humanoid aliens like in Evangaline Anderson's Kindred Series could work very nicely, I vote for the beast kindred and the mating fist... yeow!

      I like all kind of sex scenes, graphic to soft and sweet. I do prefer it not to be glossed over or the use of too many euphemisms. Lets tell it like it is, we're all adults here. I also insist on romance and some kind of plot, I like romantic erotica, not just sex sex sex, although that can be fun if wrapped in a good story. I guess I'm easy to please.

      In reality, I would freak out if a stranger tried to spank me. There has to be trust, you know? However, in fiction, the sky is the limit if the set up is good and there is caring and concern or a justification for such a spanking to happen.

      In regard to your question Celeste, harsh versus romantic, I like a mix. A fun good girl spanking can be sensual, sexy and romantic. However for a bad girl punishment spanking, you need more. Tears, a hot red bottom and some real remorse are often necessary but not to the extreme where there are severe bruises or breaks in the skin, that is not for me.

      Thanks to everyone for participating.


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