Monday, March 17, 2014

Blogging 101 Making Links

Having links on your blog posts is an excellent way to direct readers to other locations on the where to buy your book or find a blog post you think is interesting. 

But, I've noticed that many bloggers don't seem to know how to make links properly. 

What am I talking about? 

Well, let's say I want to direct you to my Amazon author page (so you can consider buying one of my books). 

Which looks better? 

Or how about this: 

This week on Spanking Stories Book Club we are discussing Pendragon's Lash by Rollin Hand  

Or This week on Spanking Stories Book Club we are discussing Pendragon's Lash by Rollin Hand 

I got extra fancy with that one...there's a link to the book and also to Rollin's blog. do you make those in text links? It's actually pretty easy. 

When you are composing your blog post, look at the toolbar. In Blogger is says Link  in other blog platforms it might look the same or there might be a globe with a picture of two links (like a chain) in front of it (that stands for links to the World Wide Web). 

  • Highlight the text where you want the link. 
  • Go to the webpage you want the link to go to. Highlight and copy the URL. 
  • Go back to your blog post. Click on the link maker in your toolbar. 
  • Paste the URL into the window that opens. 
  • Click "open link in another window" (you don't want readers completely leaving your blog do you?)
  • Click Ok. 

Voila! You've made a link. 

You can do the same thing in Microsoft Word. Just click on the globe with links image and follow the steps. This is handy for those of you who compose your blog posts in Word or if you are sending a blog post to another blogger and want to include links to your blog, book, Facebook page or Twitter account. 


  1. Good post for newbies. I had to figure this one out by myself.

    One thing I'd like to add is that when you're in Wordpress (and Blogger probably has something similar) and you're adding a link by clicking on the little chain icon, if you click the box that says, "open a new window" when a visitor clicks on the link, the site will pop up in a new window--but they'll remain on your blog.

    Otherwise they go direct to the new site and leave your blog.

    Also, in Word, the globe thingee to add a hyperlink is located under the "Insert" tab.

  2. Thanks for the tips Celeste (and also for the incidental plug). In Blogger you can also choose the text for the link to apply to by typing it in the little box.

  3. Oh..thank you so much for this... i need all the help...tutoring..i can get!
    hugs abby

  4. Thanks so much. I get confused even setting up my blog. What kink of heading to you blog if your life is boring or thinks in your past that you don't want to expose? This tutoring help. It's like learning a new language or playing the piano. ( I recently learned to play the piano at age 70.) yeah


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