Friday, March 21, 2014

Saturday #Spankings "I am not a brat!"

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Look... a cover! A big thank you to Anthony Walsh of The Cover Artisan for his wonderful work.

 No definite release date yet...but don't worry, you'll be the first to know. 

And now...this week's snippet. Sarah is about to get her first disciplinary spanking as a married lady. She's less than enthused when Jeffrey tells her to go upstairs, strip off her clothes and wait for him in the corner. 

“The corner? I am not a child.” I jerked out of his grasp, faced him with both hands on my hips.

“Be on your way before I decide to add more strokes to your punishment for your uncooperative attitude.” He swatted my hide then steered me toward the door.

I opened my mouth to reply but thought better of it and stomped up the stairs, making enough noise with my small feet to inform Jeffrey of my displeasure.

 “Quit stomping,” he called after me. “I am well aware you are not pleased. It is not necessary for you to act like a brat in order to make your point.”

“I am not a brat!” I shouted down the stairs at him, though even I could see the irony of the statement.

Becoming Lady Amherst Blurb: 

When Miss Sarah McLean causes a scandal in Boston, her father takes her to London in search of a husband.
At her first party, Sarah insults Lord Amherst who takes her over his knee to spank some manners into her. When his actions come to light, Sarah's father offers him a choice: Marry Sarah or send her back to America where she has no prospects for a husband.
Intrigued by the spirited Yankee Girl, Lord Amherst proposes.
Despite the circumstances of their marriage, Sarah and Jeffrey form a bond and appear headed for a bright future.
That is, until Sarah pretends to be someone she's not.


  1. I like the way he can read her emotions. I think you have a winner here.

  2. I don't think she knows that "shouting" is #1 and "stomping" #3 in the How to Be a Brat Handbook.

  3. A misbehaving and stomping brat and the proclamation "I am not a brat" and the stated awareness of perhaps additions to your strokes... such a set up for that upstairs corner...

  4. Unusual cover. I like it.

    Stomping around and shouting "I am not a brat!" both sound like bad ideas in this scenario. Bad ideas for the heroine, obviously. Not the readers.

  5. She's definitely not a child, and this is a grown up spanking. Hot story, I'm looking forward to reading the whole thing

  6. Well she is pretty bratty, but she'll learn. I like this one.

  7. I don't believe she knows the meaning of the word brat. Have a feeling she is going to find out though.

  8. Oh yep she is in for it! I love that she is fighting that 'request' to go upstairs and stand in the corner! Stamping her! I want to say..."You go girl!" Does that make me a brat?

  9. I think that she is acting like a brat. I only hope Jeffrey has strong hands that will make her behave. This is another must read that you have wrote.

  10. Oooh I can't wait for this!!! What a brat she is... LOL


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