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The Girl, The Doctor and the Texas Ranger--- Sue Lyndon's Hot Hot New Release

 Sue Lyndon is here! Sue Lyndon is here! I'm excited! 

Car accidents are no fun. In my new release, The Girl, the Doctor, and the Texas Ranger, my poor heroine, Emily, who is on the run from the cops, falls asleep at the wheel and drives into a tree. But luckily for her, she crashes just outside the Twisted River Ranch and Dr. Daniel Anderson spots the accident from his porch. He comes to the rescue and brings her inside his house to tend her wounds. At first Emily isn’t sure she can trust him, so she lies about her name. However, his kindness eventually wins her over and she decides to reach out to him for help.


“Sharon, running away is never the answer. I’m sure your family is worried sick about you.”

She shook her head. “I don’t really have any family. Just a mother who doesn’t give a shit. But she’s not the person I was running away from.”

Concern for this stranger, this tiny young woman, filled Daniel to bursting. Fear continued to radiate off her, and he sensed she’d endured something horrific. Something that had caused her to flee wherever she called home in the middle of the night.

He clasped her hands in his. “Sharon, I’m a doctor in Trentsville and I own this ranch, the Twisted River, with my brother, Trevor. He’s not here right now. We’re good, trustworthy people. Trevor’s actually a Texas Ranger. Whatever happened to you, you can tell me, and I promise to help you.”

“I’m going to end up in jail!” she sobbed, her shoulders heaving. “I didn’t do anything wrong, but if they catch me, I’ll go to jail for a long time. The cops will never, ever believe my story.”

“Slow down, Sharon. Take a few more slow breaths. Now, what story is it that the cops won’t believe?”

She studied him from behind her tearful, red-rimmed eyes, as if assessing whether or not he could be trusted. Finally she spoke, spilling the details of a story more horrendous than any he could have imagined. His heart broke as she described her ordeal on the side of a back road near her hometown, and his blood pounded in his ears while she told of the strip search and what happened next, right up to the heavy kick she’d landed in the perverted cop’s face.

Speechless, Daniel held her hands and processed the story she’d told him. Even though he’d just met her, he believed her without a doubt. The desperation lacing her voice revealed a young woman at the end of her rope, ready to reach out and ask for help. Obviously she’d confessed her ordeal to him because she sensed she could trust him. He vowed to help her in any way possible—even if it meant breaking the law to keep her safe. He knew Trevor would do the same.

He sighed and squeezed her hands, and the warmth produced by this simple touch moved something inside him. “I believe you’re telling the truth, Sharon. Trevor’s had to deal with a few dirty cops from time to time. You need to report this. Trevor can help you go to the police.”

She paled and shook her heard. “I have a record. The cops will never believe me. I’ve been arrested five times. And George is the sheriff’s son. No cop in my town will believe my story, and I’ll end up charged and convicted of assaulting a police officer. Oh, and my name’s not Sharon.” She flushed. “Sorry. I lied about that too. My name is Emily.”


After witnessing a car crash outside his ranch house, Dr. Daniel Anderson rushes to help the girl behind the wheel. He carries her inside and tends to her wounds, all the while wondering what brought her out this far in the middle of the night. The young woman soon breaks down and confesses that her name is Emily and she's on the run from the police after fighting back against a vindictive cop who tried to take advantage of her.

Daniel and his brother Trevor, a Texas Ranger, feel protective of Emily and offer to keep her safe and help clear her name. They agree to let her stay on the ranch, and in return she promises to help out with chores and obey their rules. The prospect of real consequences if she misbehaves is exciting to Emily, and when she shyly approaches Daniel with this confession, he decides to give her a taste of his discipline. He takes her over his knee and spanks her bare bottom, and the love she feels as he cradles her in his arms afterwards is unlike anything she's ever experienced. She quickly discovers that Trevor is almost as strict as his older brother, and just as loving.

Though she is twenty-years old, Emily becomes their sweet little girl. Daniel and Trevor delight in buying her cute frilly dresses, taking care of all her needs, and disciplining her when she's been naughty. She thrives under their attentions and falls hopelessly in love with both brothers. It isn't long before they claim her, first each on his own and then both at once. Trevor is confident he'll have her name cleared in no time, but once he does, will Emily have to leave the men who've changed her life and stolen her heart, or can she stay their little girl forever?

Publisher’s Note: The Girl, the Doctor, and the Texas Ranger is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, anal play, exhibitionism, sexual scenes including threesomes, age play, medical play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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