Friday, February 20, 2015

#SatSpanks from Lolly And The Professor

Welcome Saturday Spankers!

My new relase, Lolly And The Professor, is now available. Only 99 cents or borrow for free if you are a Kindle Unliimited Subscriber.

He tapped the rod to the desk. "Get into position. Make sure your bottom is nice and high. I like to see my work when I discipline."
            "You've done this before?" Lolly peeped at him over her shoulder as she bent over the desk. "With other students?"
            "I am the one who will be asking the questions, Miss Anderson." He tapped her butt with the rod. "Panties down."

            Her delicate hands slowly inched the wisp of fabric down her hips and thighs. If she was nervous, he couldn't tell because her hands moved steadily and once the panties were lowered, she grasped the cheeks of her ass and spread them wide for his view. 

Blurb: Professor Douglas Hollister enjoys his reputation as the toughest teacher at his law school. His well-ordered and controlled life is turned upside down when Miss Caroline "Lolly" Anderson shows up on the first day of class.
            Lolly has no interest in becoming a lawyer, but her grandfather's will stipulates she must complete one quarter of law school in order to inherit his vast estate. Well-versed in flirting her way through life, Lolly is sure she'll be able get deliciously geeky Professor Hollister to do her bidding.
            Will The Professor be able to resist her luscious Lolly-pop ways—or will he lose his briefs?  
Note: This is a short story that involves a young woman who does naughty things with suckers and a strict professor who likes to lay down the law with a firm stroke.

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  1. Yum!
    Read this book in one sitting.

  2. I adore that cover. :) I love how you show both characters in this little snippet. Fabulous!

  3. Were it made into a mini-series, I'd sure watch!

  4. Ooh, very nice Celeste, and hot! I'm with PK too !



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