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Spanking Stories Book Club: Reasonable Doubts by Cara Bristol

Please welcome Natasha Knight who is here today to lead the discussion of Cara Bristol's latest addition to the Rod & Cane Society Series, Reasonable Doubts.

Reasonable Doubts for Spanking Stories Book Club 


The Rod and Cane Society. I just love that name. The first book in this series was one of the first I read that was a domestic discipline book and I still remember that first spanking scene. Talk about eyes wide shut. Reasonable Doubts is the newest addition to the book and the story of Liz Davenport, whom we’ve met before, and Grant Davis, a new character who is not a spanko. I loved this story as much as I did the others, and just truly love this series. The romances are solid, the characters interesting and varied, and all of the women are strong with deserving Alpha partners. Here are my questions for you and I believe these can be answered whether you’ve read the book yet or not.



1.      Liz is a spanko, Grant is not. However, once she trusts him with what she wants, Grant doesn’t shy away. In fact, he finds he too is aroused when spanking Liz. I almost want to say there is no such thing as a non-spanko male but I realize it’s kind of generalizing. However, when a submissive partner asks to be spanked and the non-spanko accommodates, it almost brings out this very primal part of a man – both in real life and in fiction. What do you think? Has this been your experience or do you think this is untrue?


2.      Liz ultimately wants a domestic discipline relationship. Even given my thoughts above, moving from spanking your partner erotically (as a non-spanko I mean) to spanking for discipline is a big step. Do you think this is something that is possible in a relationship such as Liz and Grant’s?



3.      Liz liked Grant very much but had true hesitation about a long term relationship because of the non-spanko piece. Even if he was perfect in so many other ways, without that, she knew herself well enough to know it wouldn’t be enough. Ultimately it worked out for them, but in reality, how important would this piece be to you in a relationship? If you loved someone who wasn’t interested in spanking or taking the lead or DD (or whatever that variation is for you) and you knew it, would you be able to let that go or is it something that may cause regret later? I’m curious on answers from different age groups on this too.


4.      One thing that still stands out to me is that Liz was not only a few years older than Grant, she was also a heroine in her 40s. I found her remarkably sexy and her intelligence, confidence and maturity were some of the things that made her that for me. I appreciate a strong woman with a strong man. What about you? How do you feel about a heroine being older in a spanking romance (or any other sort of fictional romance)? Did it take away or add to the story for you? Did it make it more real or did it impact the sexiness of the read at all or did it not matter in the least?



That’s it for my questions. I’m very curious to hear what everyone thought. Thank you so much to Celeste for hosting us and Cara for writing the story. I loved it and most definitely recommend.




  1. Thanks for hosting this week's discussion Natasha. Some excellent questions.

    1. I agree. Mr. Jones and I do not have a serious spanking relationship but when I mentioned my stories to him when we were dating, he got a little spark in his eye and I think it makes him feel extra macho when he gives me a swat or two.

    2. Good point. It's one thing to have a little spanky-spank here and there for fun, but for one partner to mete out discipline upon the other takes a different dynamic. Liz and Grant were both strong personalities (with legal training) so I think that if Liz thought his decisions were unfair, she could make a good argument in her defense.

    3. Not a deal breaker for me, but I he'd had a horrified reaction to my writing and been judgy about it, that might have been.

    4. I like older heroines because they are more relatable for me and I also think there are issues that come up in mature relationships that are important to address. One of the things I like about writing DD/Spanking is writing about already married couples and how they navigate their relationship. I think it's the little things that cause problems over the long haul.
    One thing I particularly liked about Liz is that she was a widow how had been in a long and loving relationship vs. a divorcee who was coming out of a bad marriage, which is more typical in novels.

    1. Okay...the gobbled-gook in my answer #3 above is supposed to say "if he'd had a horrified reaction...might have been different".

      yeeesh. ;)

  2. Thanks, Natasha and Celeste. One thing I'd like to say about Liz is that writing about her was different than writing about Melania, Emma, Regina, and Stephanie. I created them for their specific books, but a little bit of Liz (and Otis her late husband) were in all the other books. So I already knew Liz by the time she got her own book. It was weird. It was like I was writing about a friend's sex/spanking life.

    1. You've mentioned that before and in a way, I can see it. It's like an old friend...and you're totally peeking in the windows!

  3. I bought Reasonable Doubts the first day it was released. I've enjoyed the series so far, so I snatched this one up as soon as I could, but haven't had a chance to read it, yet. All the same, I wanted to join in and answer the questions as best I could.

    1. I'd say enjoyment in spanking is an individual activity. Some men were brought up to believe hitting a woman in any way, shape or form was wrong. Those men may never be comfortable giving his lady more than a playful swat on the rump, and maybe not even that. So, I'm not sure I could agree that the activity brings out the primal animal in all men. Probably most, though.

    2. I'd say moving from play to DD is a big step, and it's not one every man would feel comfortable taking. Then again, not all women want a DD relationship, either. As for Grant and Liz, my gut says yes. He might be hesitant at first, but I've a feeling he loves her enough to want to give her everything she believe she needs, whether he instinctively agrees or not.

    3. Personally, yes, I'd be able to let go. Fortunately, I haven't had to face that situation. My husband is definitely dominant, though he's not a spanker by nature. If I needed it, I suspect he'd be willing to supply a true disciplinary spanking, but the threat is enough to get me flying straight, so the most he's ever given me is a swat or two in warning, and that was enough for me. I think the concept of spanking is more a state of mind than a physical need for me. I'm not sure things would have worked out between us if he'd been submissive, however.

    4. I think the problems a couple encounters vary with age. So, an "older" couple probably wouldn't be struggling with the same issues a younger couple does. My reading tastes gravitate toward younger heroines, but despite the fact I'm no longer in my twenties, the character's age isn't what makes a story real for me, it's the writing. So, I enjoy characters of all ages. I'm not attracted to "cougar" stories, where the woman is a great deal older than the man, but I've even managed to enjoy a couple of those as well. So, I'd have to say age is not a consideration for me.

    1. I too love this series and for me, even if I love the first book, usually, by the time the second comes out, I've read so much other stuff that I may just skip it, but with Rod and Cane, it's a given I will read them.

      On #3, my husband too is dominant but we don't practice DD - it's not really for us as much as I like reading about it. I kind of wonder if it's not something you have to go into a relationship knowing rather than coming to it after so many years together without that. Everyone is different though so that's just me.

      Thanks for commenting and I too hope you get to read it soon!

  4. Thanks, Katherine for stopping by and commenting. Hope you get to read Reasonable Doubts soon. :-)

  5. Sorry I'm so late! I finished Reasonable Doubts last week and really liked it. Great questions! Here are my answers...

    1. I don't really have much dating experience to answer this question, but I think most partners in a relationship, if they really cared about one another, would be willing to try something different to please their partner, including a little fun kinky spanking. I wouldn't call my husband a spanko (he's certainly not obsessed with spanking the way I am) but he sure does seem to enjoy it when we're in the moment.

    2. This is definitely a big step, but I'd like to think Grant and Liz would eventually get there. In real life I know from experience that this is the sort of thing that takes a lot of time and patience, but it's possible.

    3. If a man wasn't even willing to try some erotic spanking, that would be a deal breaker for me. I'm sure I could survive without DD, but without any spanking at all? No way. But all spanking aside, the biggest deal breaker would be if he wasn't the head of household type.

    4. It seems like most of the books I read have younger heroines, and I confess I'm all about the experienced hero/unexperienced virgin heroine trope, but I still enjoy reading books with more mature characters as long as they're well written (like Reasonable Doubts!)

    1. Hi Sue, I like your answer to #1. Us too - I'm obsessed, he smiles, shakes his head at how pleased I am with him and reaps the benefits ;) There was this one moment in a grocery store once when I was being kind of particular (he says bossy) and he just leaned in and whispered 'someone is due for a spanking' and the whole dynamic totally shifted and I was googly-eyed again...He, again, smiles and shakes his head at me but he's not above using it against me when it suits him!

      On #3, I think we're drawn to the kind of man we need (and they to us) spanko or not. I'm so glad our subconscious is more aware sometimes than our conscious mind.

      Thanks for commenting!

    2. Thanks, Sue. I've noticed in your books the younger heroine theme. I have to admit the ingenue/older experienced male dynamic is a sexy one.

      Regarding not giving spanking a try, does the issue change if the man is the spanko/spanker and the female is reluctant to be spanked? That's a common trope in fiction, but what about real life?

  6. Thanks everyone for commenting. Sorry I was late to reply. All I want to say is Cara, I hope there will be more additions to this series.

  7. Great questions, Natasha. I love this whole series, and adored Liz and Grant together.

    1. This is one that I am still dealing with, with my own husband. He is most definitely not a Spanko like I am. But he loves me and is willing to try out different things to make me happy. So he has agreed to a spanking relationship. He has agreed, that sometimes, in the right context (not punishment), he does get aroused by spanking me. But he still does not really like or embrace this as a "male" thing or an Alpha thing.

    2. Disciplinary spanking is a huge step. I agree. But I think it comes down, once again to the partner being wiling to do what they both agree is necessary in a situation (and as long as both partners agree, I'm good with this). But it can be tricky. It took us a while to get to this point. But I'm glad he agreed to try. :)

    3. Holy cow, deep questions today, Natasha! Ok, I'll be honest. I have had a lot of moments over these past few years where resentment built up in me, because of this exact thing. I so desperately wanted him to lead more, spank more, enjoy spanking like I do. But you can't force someone to do something, no matter how much you want it.
    As it turned out, he was pretty resentful of me for forcing the issue.
    Luckily, we communicated a lot of this, and were able to move forward.
    But it really is tough. :)

    4. I LOVE that Liz was older than the typical heroine! I related to her desires and life so easily, because that's how old I am. I loved the realism of it.

    Great questions today.


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