Saturday, June 7, 2014

#SpankA2Z G is for...

Game Shows! 

Recently I've been thinking about the role Game Shows play in my life. I know, I'm deep.

The summer my son was twelve was sort of rough. He was too old for day care. We lived in a neighborhood with mostly retired people so not many kids around to play with, and it was the one time in my whole career that I worked full time for someone else. That meant some pretty long dull days at home for my son.

I'm not sure how this started, but each day at about 11:45 he'd call me. What show is on every day from 11-12? The Price Is Right!

He'd tell me what the items were in the two showcases and we'd each make our bids. We'd chat a bit during the commercial and then he'd tell me the "actual retail price" and we'd see which of us did better.

Flash forward 13 years and now my husband and I live with my parents. Around 2:30 my dad starts giving me the countdown, "Half an hour to go" etc.

3:00 ---Family Feud. Two episodes! We watch and try to answer the questions. Debate whether something really is a "good answer" and I practice my fast money skills just in case I ever get my chance on the show.

Maybe we aren't a real touchy-feeling family, but I guess through game shows, we get a chance to connect.

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  1. TV shows can provide a point of connection. I know it gives my mom and I something to talk about.

  2. points of connection are good. my teen and I do that about all shorts of shows that just make my Master scratch His head. Like we watch Degrassi together- yes, there's a new generation of kids :D I like to think bonding over TV is better than some other things maybe. Like my teen and I, we have bonding over what's civilization (like the suburbs of Detroit) and what's not (like conservative small town we live in) lol

  3. Hmm, don't like games shows much. My girl is 20 now and we talk about anything. She's a lot like me (character wise), but we always did crazy things together. I know when she was 10 or so and I drove her twice of three time as week to choir practice. This was about 10 miles away from our home. We would play police car. This is 30-6, I repeat 30-6 come in please. There is on the road a truck of Albert Heijn, We are in pursuit. (Truck of Albert Heijn were always suspicious, don't ask me why). And so we were very busy practicing the correct lingo one uses over the radio and never a dull moment.

    It's real nice Celeste, she still remembers. And so will your son in a few years, really. The Americans have cheapened the term quality time to use it for everything and anything, but those a truly nice words.

    1. I love it! What a fun game and I'm sure she does remember. It's funny all the things we do (or buy) for our kids and it's really the simple things that they remember because we spent time with them and made it special.

  4. I started watching American Idol with my second son because that was something he watched every week. We would give our opinions of the contestants, see who and who lost. My son is very quiet and doesn't like doing things with his parents so this was something we did. Now he doesn't watch it anymore but I do.

    1. My son and I watched a few seasons of American Idol too. And Last Comic Standing. Oh..and Survivor back in the day.

      I guess we've watched lots of tv. But, yes it does provide a point of connection and it sounds like just the right thing for you and your son.

  5. Yes, even though there is much on TV that is a waste of time, if it provides a connection with someone important, then I think that's good.

    Thanks, Joelle!

  6. My husband is great at games and game shows! Me.... Not so much.... But I remember watching 'Big Bang' with my kids!
    Kids remember those times!

  7. That is a really nice post, Celeste! We're Jeopardy fans in our house, but I remember the Price is Right was also a fun show. And I thought that was touching, about your son calling you to share it!


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