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Spanking Stories Book Club and SpankA2Z T is for...

Thianna D! 

Thianna is the mastermind behind the Corbin's Bend series. In addition, she also writes M/m spanking romance including the Blake And Dusty Chronicles, but today Kathryn R. Blake is here to lead the discussion of Finding Their Bliss, the first of the Corbin's Bend books. 

Spanking Stories Book Club Finding Their Bliss (Corbin's Bend Book One) by Thianna D.

Corbin's Bend is Thianna D's brainchild, and Finding Their Bliss is the introductory book for the series.  In case you're unfamiliar with the concept, Corbin's Bend, is the first equity-cooperative housing development created for spankophiles. The community consists of thirty thousand acres in the mountains above Denver with 1000 home sites, several restaurants, a clubhouse, theater, pool, and many other amenities.  Though fictitious, Corbin’s Bend is unique in that everyone living there is into spanking, whether for erotic fun or through domestic discipline.

In her novella, Thianna had to establish the concept, introduce some major characters for the series and tell a story that would make readers hunger for more.  To my mind, she succeeded admirably.                              

Brent Carmichael loved Corbin's Bend. A small community at the base of the Rocky Mountains just for spankofiles, he worked tirelessly to make sure everything ran smoothly and that the residents were safe and happy. He never intended to fall in love but when Charmagne Kendle stumbled into his life, he found an attraction he had no intention of fighting.

Char moved to Corbin's Bend after losing her job, her apartment, and her fiancé all in one day. She had no idea she was actually moving to a spanking community but with the freedom to explore her secret fetish, she found herself happily upended over Brent's lap.

As their relationship deepened into domestic discipline, her ex appeared wanting her back. Now she had to choose. The rich, handsome, and charming Nathan Korven or former police officer Brent Carmichael. To find her bliss, there was really only one choice.



1   1.      In order to help establish the permissive atmosphere of Corbin's Bend, Thianna has Char Kendle out jogging when Bethany Angel gets her butt swatted by her boyfriend Kirk while they're walking on the sidewalk.  Char is surprised when Bethany's response is to bend over and shake her derriere in a provocative manner.  Though the encounter was relatively innocent, I'm curious.  What are your thoughts about public displays and do you feel differently about spanking than you would about kissing?

2  2.    After Brent and Char are in an acknowledged DD relationship, Char gets in trouble because she walks a few blocks in the snow rather than drive as Brent ordered.  At the time, she didn't think walking would be a big deal, but Brent decides she needs to be taught a lesson for not heeding his instructions.  He determines she'll receive ten swats of a paddle on her bare butt right in his office where she'll be heard, but not seen.  Ouch.  (Okay, I admit it.  I'm a wimp.)  This is a two-part question.  Part One: what are your thoughts regarding punishments being commensurate to the infraction, and do you think every infraction should be punished with a spanking?  Part Two: Rather than wallop Char in his office, where her cries of distress will be heard by everyone in the Clubhouse, (he believes all spankings should be administered immediately to be effective and public punishment spankings, though not common, are not unheard of in Corbin's Bend) do you think Brent should have waited until they got home?

  1. When Char is hurt in a car accident, Brent steps in to be her caretaker.  Though Char doesn't realize why she's snapping Brent's head off, she does tell him he's treating her like an invalid or an old lady, so it's pretty clear that's not how she wants the handsome hunk to view her.  However, in a moment of high dudgeon, she finally tells him off, saying, "If you remember, I'm not a member of your precious housing development. So, why don’t you just leave me alone? I do not want or need your help, Mr. Carmichael.”  Then she marches up to her front door only to realize she forgot her purse in his truck.  Though the scene made me laugh, it also struck a note of realism.  Have you ever had a moment where you thought you were making a grand, dramatic exit only to have something fall awry, and if so, how did you handle it?"

  1. One of Char's reasons for avoiding romantic entanglements has to do with the way her ex-fiancé treated her.  He is meant to be the villain of the piece, and yet after we meet him we are wondering, along with Char, what she ever saw in him to begin with.  Hindsight is twenty/twenty, of course, and yet the best villains often show us a side that makes us want to like them, or simply want them.  If you read the book, were you disappointed in Nathan Korven once you met him?  If you didn't read the book, have you ever desired a villain from a story, knowing all the while that you shouldn't?


“All right, Char,” she mumbled to herself. “Time to pull up the adult panties and grow a pair.” Pulling out her cell phone, she grabbed the tan envelope she still had not opened up and quickly emptied the array of paperwork onto her desk. Thankfully, the phone list was on top.
His number was the third one down, listed under Carmichael, Brent. Housing Board, President. Discipline Board, Vice President.
Discipline Board? Was that what they called their police force?
Taking a huge, deep breath, she quickly dialed his number and sat back, hoping she could sound like an adult rather than a raving lunatic as she had the last time they spoke.
“Carmichael,” he barked into the phone.
He sounded angry. Did she really want to talk to him while he was sounding angry? Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.
“Hello? If this is a crank call, it won’t do you much good.”
“No, hi,” she said before she could stop herself. “It’s me. Charmagne.”
“Ah, hello.” Her head came up as his tone lost some of the bark, and her stomach commenced doing weird loop-de-loops.
“Look, um, I’m really sorry for what I said a few days ago, and I talked to Lelo and he said you paid for my truck’s repairs. So, if you could tell me what I owe—”
“How are you feeling?”
What did that have to do with her apology? “Fine. I had a headache for a while, but it's gone now. As I was saying, if you cou—”
“Would you like to go to dinner?”
She watched her fingers pick up her pen and begin doodling in the middle of the lined page as if completely disconnected from her body, as she tried to make sense of this completely nonsensical conversation they were having. “Dinner?”
“Yes. You. Me. Food. At a restaurant. What do you say?” The bark was most definitely gone, but as amusement had taken its place, she began to wish for the bark to come back. The bark made her body tingle.

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  1. 1. If I saw a man swat a woman in public in Real Life,I would be shocked--though probably not as much so as everyone around me. LOL. The scene works in fiction where the exhibitionism is titillating, but it is comparable to public makeout sessions, which are inappropriate. But in CB it works!
    2. I think readers of spanking fiction expect spanking. This scene was fine to me, but I do think in GENERAL (not this story) with spanking fiction there ought to be lesser punishments for lesser crimes. For one thing--it would lead to better plotting. When the heroine has to commit a significant act to be punished, that will create story. But to spanked for rolling one's eyes does nothing to create story or advance the plot -- unless she leaves him because she realizes he's an asshole.
    3. Nope. No dramatic exits.
    4. No, I wasn't disappointed in Nathan. I was surprised that he wanted her back after her after so much scandal was attached to her name. No, I have not been attracted to the villain of the story. Because character matters. A guy has to be a decent person before I can be attracted to him.

    1. Cara, thanks so much for answering. I definitely agree with you on 2. Though rolling one's eyes is a sign of disrespect, I'm not sure it deserves more than a quick swat or a warning to be respectful. I mean, I wouldn't like it if he did that to me either, though I'd probably laugh.

  2. 1. If I saw someone swatting someone else's butt in public, I'd probably think they were just playing around, although I'd be staring at them from the corner of my eye and trying not to seem as interested in their interaction as everyone else around us. Public hardcore make out sessions probably make me feel a lot more uncomfortable than a butt swat though - get a room, lol!

    2. The idea of a public spanking is a real turn on for me, but it's something I just like reading about in fiction. In real life, I'd be completely mortified for the person it was happening to.

    3. Nope, I've never had that happen...yet.

    4. I haven't read the book yet so I can't make any comments about Nathan, but there has been a few times where I'm attracted to a villain in a book or a movie. Usually the villain has some charismatic qualities about him and it's a purely sexual attraction--I don't want to frolic into the sunset and have an HEA with the villain.

    Great questions! Happy Friday! :)


    1. Sue, I agree with you on the swat. I'd think they were probably just playing, too, but a public spanking for me would be a definite "no-no." A true spanking is much are too intimate and private in my mind to ever want it shared with casual outsiders. I've been attracted to a few villains in stories as well. As Cara said, character does matter, but there's always the hope for redemption.

  3. Good morning everyone. Great questions, Kathryn.

    1. Occasionally my husband will give me a swat as we are walking down the street or in a store. It's sort of fun. Maybe next time I'll bend over and waggle and see what happens. I think I'd be more grossed out by a major public make out session than playful spanking.

    2. I agree with Cara about lesser punishments for lesser crimes. Also, waiting to get home would give her the opportunity to stew about her upcoming punishment and (in fiction at least) I find the anticipation almost as good as the real thing.

    3. Never anything quite like that, but I'm sure I've done something similar...just can't think of any right now.

    4. Interesting question. Tony Soprano comes to mind for some reason. Ultimately, he did horrible things and could be cold, to say the least, yet there was something appealing about him too.

    1. Thanks for hosting us, Celeste. I agree that sometimes the waiting is almost worse. Too much time to think about what you've done and what your "reward" will be.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Let's try this again.

      1. I think swats in public are fun and always give me a tingle. If I see others getting a swat, I wonder if they are spankos like us.
      Public make-out sessions are more embarrasing to me.

      2a. I don't spanking is the answer to every infraction.
      2b. I think he should have waited, the anticipation of a spanking can be greater than the spanking. He knew she would be embarrassed when she found out she could be heard so why would he do that, the threat would have been enough.

      3. Yes, I remember laughing and saying something like that didn't work too well, did it.?

      4. Nathan was a jerk and using her as a means to an end. Sometimes a villian will have endearing charms, doesn't mean I want to live with him.

    2. I agree with you. For me personally, I'd have been happier if Brent waited. I can understand why Thia wrote it the way she did, and for some that would be a turn on, but I'd be mortified if I'd been Char, and that action could have meant the end of our relationship. Char wasn't as upset about it as I was.

  5. Thanks Kathryn for these wonderful questions. They've definitely made me think.

    1. A swat in public when it's meant for fun, I have no problem with. I've seen it often and it just makes me smile. What I find uncomfortable is when someone swats another person in what is unmistakably a rebuke right in front of me. I find myself looking everywhere but at the person who has just been swatted.

    2a. Spanking is just one form of discipline. There are so many it would be impossible to list. The secret is for the top to understand his/her bottom enough to know what would work in that instance. If a person was spanked for everything, it would lose its effectiveness.

    2b. As the writer of this scene, I guess I have a unique view of it. One of the reasons he only kept it to 10 swats is this was their first spanking for disciplinary reasons. He wanted it quick and over with so that she wouldn't have to worry about it. And yes, the top in him probably got a little bit of pleasure knowing someone heard. Plus, let's face it, her walking back made her freeze and what could warm her up faster? (Okay, yes, I have a wicked sense of humor. Who doesn't know that yet? *grins*)

    3. FIrst off, I'm glad you mentioned this scene because it's one of my favorites. That moment of bravado, of holding your head high as you ride away on your high horse...only to find that the horse has deflated. Yep. Been there, done that. And no, I'm not sharing. :)

    4. I will admit, writing Nathan was a bit of a surprise for me. I expected him to be a tough ass. Instead, he was a whiny brat. In some ways, that actually made things easier, because I just kind of looked at him and thought "pitiful". In others, I hoped it would give him some ability in some unknown future to grow the hell up.

    1. Brent's spanking Char at the club would be a personal "no-no" for me, though I know other people and characters may find it titillating. That's why asked for opinions. I also think ten swats with the paddle was harsh for walking in the snow, but I'm a wimp. Again, it fit the story just fine, I only mentioned it because of my personal reaction to the scene. I love the scene where she left her purse behind. I could so see myself doing something like that. The drama queen gets foiled again. Nathan came as a surprise to me, too, though I like the fact his father intends to take him in hand.
      You wrote a fantastic book on many levels, Thia. I really enjoyed it.


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