Monday, June 16, 2014

#SpankA2Z P is for...


Which seems especially appropriate since I am leaving this post to the last minute.

Here's a funny thing I've noticed about myself. I hate it when other people waste my time. Hate it with a passion and have been known to be not too pleasant about it.

But, I will happily waste my own time and am an expert at procrastination.

Here are some of my favorite ways to procrastinate:

1. Email (Oh how I love thee...)
2. Facebook
3. Eating
4. Playing games on my kindle
5. Napping
6. Thinking about writing
7. Doing research in preparation for writing
8. Cruising Amazon to see how my books are doing, how everyone else's books are doing and shopping
9. Blog visits (so much fun, so little time)
10. When I get to #9 I start at #1 again.

What about you? Do you procrastinate? Do you have a cure? If not, what are your favorite ways to procrastinate?


  1. I too hate when others waste my time but I'm pretty good at doing it myself! Like this morning, I had this e-mail from someone to whom I'd sent photos of the kids to that said 'I deleted it and want to show my friend. Can you just send that again by tomorrow?' Sorry. OK, maybe I will later but I'll be annoyed about it first!

    Me, I use FB and reading blogs or just sms'ing, checking how my books are doing...etc... some days are a total waste!!

  2. I'm a planner, and when I have to do things I do them just to get rid of it. Learned that at work, and now I do it at home too. Single task, next one. Finished, next one. It is a boring self discipline I guess, but it gives me time for my favourite pastime: reading.

    1. Not procrastinating does give one more time, that is absolutely true.

  3. I do procrastinate, and I admire people who pounce on tasks immediately. I always budget time for procrastination so I can get things done well in advance of the deadline. I don't have patience for people who procrastinate, and then when something unexpected happens, they can't complete the task because they run out of time.

    One of my first lessons with procrastination involved writing. In the fifth grade we had to write a novel. It was a year-long assignment. I waited until the last couple of weeks before the year ended. And then I didn't know how to end the novel. I kept writing and writing and writing .I was up until midnight the night before it was due. The experience did not cure me, but it minimized the disease considerably.

  4. Love your list of ways to procrastinate :) Something I try not to do because I then just get stressed about the tasks I haven't done. I'm not aleays sucessful though lol


  5. I am a procrastinator and I love your list - I'll have to try some of them. I don't think of it as procrastination sometimes I think of it and then.... you know :-)

  6. I am the consummate procrastinator! I really don't mind too much when people waste my time.... I think it all depends on the situation... However I have gotten into quite a few pickles by procrastinating!!! I overextend myself beyond the possible and do so many stupid things!

  7. I really do understand, my love of writing is nearly equal to my seeming hatred of getting STARTED writing! I do most of what you've mentioned, as well as Candy Crush (hangs head in shame). I have a schedule for this summer, if it works I'll be sure to brag about it.

  8. That's exactly how I procrastinate too, Every damn day!


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