Thursday, June 12, 2014

#SpankA2Z L is for...


You know...those people who visit blogs but don't comment very often (or at all). I know you're out there...I have the stats to prove it.

I wish I knew why some people leave comments and others don't. I can understand that if you don't have a blog and blogger identity you might be concerned about sharing your real name, but I think there are ways around that. Of course, I'd never want you to do something that makes you uncomfortable, but still...I'd sure be excited if you'd leave a comment. Just a short one, to let me know you're here.

What about the rest of you? Were you ever a lurker? What got you to give up your lurking ways and start commenting? 

I've enabled anonymous comments for today so there's no excuse not to leave a message and say hi. I hope you do! 


  1. Not a lurker sorry :) I was a lurker for some time though. I saw how close and supportive this amazing community was and decided I wanted to be a part of it. I finally plucked up the courage and started commenting and started my blog. I didn't actually know what a lurker was then! LoL.

    I truly appreciate those who lurk on my blog and am thrilled whenever someone de-lurks.


  2. Nah, I am too outspoken to lurk, I'd like to discuss anything and everything. That is why I comment on the six of seven sites I visit each day in the challenge, just to let you know I was there and I did read the thing you bothered to write...

    Just sometimes I have nothing to add or to say about the subject. That's OK too. L = Lurker, I would have never come up with a that. Good choice!

  3. We just bought a brand new house and we're in the process of moving, I bring this up not to provide an excuse by which to explain why I've not participated in this blog hop anywhere near like what I should, but because the past residents home-taught their 8 kids in a room off the garage and in that room they had a blackboard. While the house was up for sale, everyone who came through, it seems, was driven by the overwhelming urge to write *name* was here. That blackboard is covered in the affirmation of present-ness of at least 50+ people. Too bad we can't do that with our blogs.

  4. ah yes, lurkers. I wonder about that too. Although with a recent bit of fiction I shared on my blog in two parts, I was actually fretting about the stats, ugh

  5. I was once a lurker, then I became an anonymous commenter, then I came "out" and started a blog. The rest as they say is history.

    I do have to say though that I don't always leave a comment on every blog I visit so I guess in some cases I'm still a lurker.

  6. Oh yes I was a lurker, mostly because I had no clue about computers etc.., (I am sure you can't imagine that!) plus I was afraid what I was reading was naughty! With help from friends ... PK first and later Sunny... Help from you Ana...and others I understood better! Of course after reading and lurking for so long I feel old in this community.
    There is another phenomenon too... Sometimes it seems as if the commenters all know each other so well, it takes a bit of courage at first, to jump in!

    1. That's a good point Minelle. Sometimes we all seem so chummy that a lurker might feel like butting in.

      Still wish they would. :)

  7. I wasn't a lurker for very long - I just couldn't keep my mouth shut very long. I got a second email account to protect my identity and started commenting just a few days in.

  8. I was a lurker before I got my own blog. Now I try to always leave a comment. I have the same thing on my blog though. Several lurkers and not very many comments, and if I do have comments, it's usually from the same people everyday:))

  9. I'm here! I know, you can't tell by blog traffic stats (I've lectured, er I mean commented on this before, endlessly, elsewhere, from a web dork POV) anyway. But another thing is that a lot, maybe most, people, it seems, read blog posts from inside Facebook. Which is great if you are posting the entire blog post there (using any of many techniques), but if you just link (I think I do, e.g.) to your blog post, a lot of the FB people won't bother going to your actual blog. I dunno. Whole thing is kinda iffy, really. Too many things to read and not enough hours in the day, and the element of luck and all. I read a few sites regularly and I get a bunch more in my feed app and others I get via email. Some I have bookmarked. Quite a mishmosh! Wish people would comment, though, yep. Then again, I think all this talking to myself is OK too because I get along well with myself and I agree with everything myself says. Heh.

  10. I lurked a lot at the beginning, and still lurk every once in a while. It depends on how comfortable the environment feels.

  11. I think a lot of people just don't comment and don't think about it (not in a negative way). I'm not a lurker but was for some time (we all were at some point, right?) but there are times I don't have anything to say. I do think now to even do the 'hey, enjoyed your post' comment but I think unless you have a blog, you may not think of it.

  12. I'm here and not a lurker, but I have to say, there are some blogs that will not let me post a comment at all. Every time I try they want me to sign in through wordpress, which I don't use. I have no idea why this happens, but I have no idea how to get around it. They don't even give me the option of signing in with FB or anything else.

  13. You say lurker ... I think blogging ninja.

    Silent, unknown, probably in their pyjamas, blogging ninjas are on every blog. ;-)

    John (aka BawdyBloke)


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