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Spanking Stories Book Club and SpankA2Z M is for...


The macho, manly, magnificent hero of Cara Bristol's Terran, which very conveniently is today's Spanking Stories Book Club selection.

I love it when a plan works out.

Here's the blurb for Terran:

CB_Terran_coverinAfter fleeing heartache on Terra, Tara Diehl has adjusted to male-dominated Parseon better than most until she is kidnapped by Alpha Marlix, a ruling commander. At first her tall, muscled abductor terrifies her, especially when he doesn’t hesitate to quell her struggle for freedom with some force. When her attempts to escape fail, she decides to seduce her way to freedom.
But out of seduction and subterfuge grow a true intimacy that cause Marlix and Tara to take action that drives Parseon to the brink of civil war, threatening not only their relationship, but also their lives.

I know many of you have read this book so I'm looking forward to today's discussion. 
My questions (but feel free to add your own questions or thoughts on the book). 
1. If you had the opportunity to go to another planet, would you? 
2. Parseon women don't menstruate. Earth women do, which leads to one of the more vivid and comical scenes in the book. What do you think about including menstruation as a plot device? 
3. Marlix and his beta have a very different relationship than Dak and his beta did in Breeder (the first book in the series). Did that surprise you? Do you think that a heterosexual couple could have a relationship like Marlix and Urazi, where they are friends but each seeks sexual gratification outside the relationship?

4. Marlix was often portrayed as sort of a big goofball. Although he wasn't a virgin, he was inexperienced in the ways of seduction and Terran style sex. Was this a turn on or do you prefer an experience hero? 
5. Have you read both Breeder and Terran? If so, how did the two stories compare to one another? Did you like one better? 

P.S. I'm going to be away from my computer most of the day so I've asked Cara to respond to comments and I'll be back to check on all of you later, so behave. Or not. :) 
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  1. I loved both books so here I am! OK, #1, I don't know. That is all - I never think about it.

    #2 - menstruation as a plot device, it worked here perfectly but I've never thought about using it. It's like pregnancy, I don't use it during the book (for the heroine) but by the end, it's ok. I think it can take the sexy out of a story but in Terran, it fit and worked perfectly.

    #3 This one is a loaded question. Yes, I believe it is possible - just depends on the couple. I do think feelings can get hurt very easily and even if we think we want something, getting it can be very different and once you've had it, it may be too late to go back. There, a loaded answer!

    #4 This one is my favorite question. I loved Marlix and part of it was his innocence or - that's not the right word - it was his caveman like ways. When he took Tara then when he kept her and his only response to giving her back was no. I loved that. I found him entirely sexy and I never thought of him as inept in lovemaking. I found him to be a thorough alpha and he's probably one of my favorite heroes of any book.

    #5 I loved Breeder but Terran I loved even more. I think it was just the chemistry between Tara and Marlix - they both popped. I have a very clear image of both of them and if ever I could meet a hero in person (haha), it would be Marlix. I don't know why but I just liked him very much and it wasn't that I just found him sexy, I liked him. Like I'd have a beer with him. OK but I'd have a beer with a lot of people but I just liked Marlix very much.

  2. Thank you Celeste -- such good questions. And thank you Natasha. I have comments to make, but I'm going to withhold them a little longer until after more people comment. I don't want to influence anybody's answers.

  3. 1. If the type of space travel was safe, I'd be very interested. Am I allowed to bring my husband, kids, and dog along for the trip? :)

    2. I thought the menstruation scene was pretty funny. Marlix didn't seem repulsed, just curious and surprised, so it worked out to be a humorous scene and I think putting menstruation in a book is fine. It's a part of life, although I'm totally jealous of those non-menstruating Parseon women.

    3. I think it depends on personalities. Marlix and his beta both respected each other a lot, and that certainly helped. His beta also didn't thirst for power the way Dak's beta did (he resented the fact that he was a beta in the first place). Had Marlix's beta had intimate feelings for Marlix, then it would have been a whole different story. So I think it's possible for a heterosexual couple in the Breeder universe to have a friendship like this, but I got the sense that their relationship was pretty unique and rare compared to most other Alpha and Beta relationships in their culture.

    4. I usually prefer an experienced hero, but I didn't find Marlix's lack of sexual knowledge to be a turn off in Terran. I actually thought some of those scenes really helped to bond him to Tara and said a lot for his character that he'd allow her (a breeder!) to take the lead and teach him something.

    5. I've read both Terran and Breeder, and I loved them both and really can't choose a favorite. I liked that they were different and it was so interesting to see Marlix as the hero when in the first book he was portrayed as a possible villain.

    1. edit to answer 4. (I meant female! Not breeder!) LOL. No coffee yet today. :)

  4. 1. OF COURSE.. Okay, maybe. Depends on how I'm getting there. I don't even like flying from GA to WI, so I'm sure there would be aspects of the travel arrangements I'd have to overcome.

    2. I think it's all good as long as it's relevant. Which it was. It was very humorous. I mean, Parseons women don't menstruate. How could she not put in a scene of Marlix's hilarious horror?

    3. I was a little surprised. I read the blog Ms. Bristol announced the rest of the series was going to be M/F books. I was disappointed, but I like the way this particular book played out, b/c I wasn't looking forward to Urazi being a jealous or deranged ex-lover. Or the feeling that all the leaders of Parseon are just one "Ah-ha moment" away from desiring women over men.

    As to the second part of that question, maybe. Depends on the individuals and how un-attracted they are to each other. I think the Marlix/Urazi dynamic more closely resembles a gay man being married to a gay woman. Bonded by their common secret. They would be content to share their lives and support each other in their mutual desire to seek physical gratification from others.

    4. I adore big alpha male hero virgins. I can name a few books that really rocked this theme. It gives the me the feeling like the heroes have this inhuman tight control that only their heroine can break through. The guys are hot for it, like they've never been in their lives and once they figure out what's the what they quickly take over.

    5. I read both books. To me Terran felt much lighter, while Breeder really threw the reader into the heavy grit of Parseon civilization and society. I loved both books, but Breeder stands out to me as being absolutely exceptional. While I got supreme warm fuzzies from Terran I didn't find it nearly as compelling. But, I must say, Marlix is my favorite hero of the two. Not by a large margin, but I'd definitely choose him over Dak. :)

    1. I have to add to #4. I think one of the things that makes the sex scenes of both Breeder and Terran so charged is the fact that these men--powerful leaders-- are really exploring their sexuality for the first time, in way that is basically treasonous. It's forbidden and that makes the fact they are doing it anyways that much more profound.

  5. # 1. Travel to another planet. I would not go the way Tara did—pull up stakes and move. But would I go on a tourist visa? Yes. I would be scared, but I would want to do it provided I went with someone (my husband). Maybe take a tour with a guide. The 11-day, 10-night Taste of Parseon Tour.
    #2. Menstruation. Females have such difficult lives in Breeder that I had to throw them a crumb so I eliminated menstruation. But of course, that does not apply to Tara. Funny, because I remember you saying, Celeste, how much you liked the absence of menstruation in Breeder, and I’d had JUST written the menstruation scene in Terran. I thought, “Uh oh. Celeste isn’t going to like this.” I did hesitate to include it because I did not want to gross out my readers, but then figured, heck, 90+ % are women, this should not be a gross-out.
    #3 Marlix and Urazi have a very unique relationship. There is genuine caring and affection between them, and in each other they recognize a kindred a spirit. This has allowed them an “anointment of convenience” so they can present the proper public face while private engaging in deviant behavior. Urazi’s presence allows Marlix to “pass” as a homosexual while Urazi gets the benefit and freedom of Marlix’s Alpha status.
    #4 Marlix (and Dak too, I feel) are both innocents of sorts because Protocol (their culture) has kept them –and all their people-- in ignorance. It is not until they fall for their breeders that their eyes are opened to reality. Dak was a “wounded” hero, unloved by his father, betrayed (nearly killed) by his twin brother. Marlix has a much stronger sense of entitlement than Dak did. I tried really hard to show that while Marlix may have been ignorant of reality, he was not a stupid man. He does not understand Tara’s exact words, but he knows when she is insulting him. He grants her leeway because he cares for her, but he immediately cracks down an overt rebellion.
    #5 Breeder was—and was intended to be—dark and dystopian. I did fear that it was too depressing, that readers would be turned off by the gloom and doom. There is a glimmer of light and hope in Breeder, and much more in Terran. However, in Warrior, it gets dark again (darkest before the dawn). The changing Parseon society is the common thread that links all three books. But as far as the stories go I would characterize Breeder as dystopian, Terran as romantic comedy (sort of) and Warrior as romantic suspense.

  6., I don't get sci- fi. But, I love Cara!
    1) I would never travel to another planet.
    2) Not having read this scene my first thought is um, ewwww, but then the way others have described it I could see it being funny.
    3) yes, I have a friend who is in a relationship like that.
    4)Awww, I think it's sweet! I don't think experience is necessary to being a good hero. does Long Shot come out again?

    1. I feel like it's now necessary to add once more that I am a huge Cara Fan! ;)

    2. Thank you, Rayanna. :-) May I say Breeder/Terran is sci-fi for people who don't like sci-fi? Long Shot will be out June 18. Wednesday.

  7. 1) If it’s a one way fight, no thank you. If I could come back to earth, maybe, but that’s still a big maybe. I’ve never had a desire to travel to another planet.

    2) I didn’t have a problem with the menstruation scene at all. In fact, I thought Cara did a great job of pulling off the shock factor with Marlix and made the scene pretty funny. Besides, what woman has never had her "friend" come and visit.

    3) I was pleasantly surprised that Marlix and his Beta didn’t have the same kind of relationship that Dak had with his in Beta. Yes, I think it is possible. Two “best friends” sharing a life so they can each have the life that they want.

    4) I absolutely loved that Marlix was not experienced in the ways of seduction or the way the Terrans had relations. I thought it brought a whole different light to the book. It also made the book more humorous. Besides, I really liked the fact that Marlix and Tara shared something new and special with each other. Almost like their first time ever.

    5) Yes, I have read both Breeder and Terran and enjoyed them both very much. Breeder was my first sci-fi book to ever read. I didn’t really know what to expect going into it. I was kinda shocked when I finished it, that I actually liked it a lot. That being said, I think I liked Terran a little better. I don’t know if that’s because I didn’t know what to expect with Breeder and did with Terran. For me Terran was great. I loved everything about it. I thought the characters were wonderful together. I’ll be honest, I was so glad to see a different side of Marlix. I thought he was gonna be a jerk, and he wasn’t. Between Marlix and Dak, I’d have to go with Marlix. I thought his character was HOT!

    1. Thank you, Rhonda. I had no idea Breeder was your first sci-fi. I like Marlix too. I think if I had to choose between him or Dak, I would take Marlix. But wait until you all get to see more of Urazi in Warrior...

  8. I loved both books, but if I had to pick a fave it would be Terran. :)

    As far as inexperience and the humor in it, I loved it. There was nothing wimpy about Marlix, and his ignorance of Terran physiology endeared me to him even more.

    The relationship between Marlix and Urazi was different, and pleasantly surprising, but I liked it.

    The menstruation was hilarious! I loved that!
    Um, what am I forgetting?
    Yes!!!! In a heartbeat! I would travel to another planet!

    1. Thank you, Katherine. I'll bet you'd have a blast traveling to another planet!

  9. What a great discussion today. Sorry I missed most of it, but it looks like you were all able to carry on without me.

    1. I might be willing to go to another planet if the flight was not too horrible and the seats weren't crowded.

    2. I think that it worked well as a plot device in this story particularly because the reaction of Marlix and Urazi were cute. But, I don't think it's something I want to read (or address) in every book. For example, I write historicals, but I think that a detailed description of hygiene issues from the past would not be appealing at all.

    3. I liked the two men as friends, and partners. As others have said, it was a pleasant change from the relationship between Dak and his beta.

    4. I agree w/the others that Marlix's "innocence" was a sweet juxtaposition with his power.

    5. I did read both. I think I agree with Aubrey that Breeder was exceptional in taking me to a different world and immersing me in it, though it was dark and harsh. But, I liked the lighter tone of Terran. So, there's a non-specific answer. I enjoyed both books but for different reasons and I'm looking forward to book #3.

  10. 1. I love sci-fi, but I couldn’t imagine traveling to another planet without my family. *shivers*

    2. I think it worked well as a plot device too. It’s a reality for us earth girls. Plus, it gave me something in common with Tara. Love her!

    3. Marlix and Urazi have such an interesting relationship. They were definitely fortunate to have found each other.

    4. What I loved about Marlix’s innocence is that it made it allowed me to really see how he felt about Tara. His vulnerability and the way he just couldn’t stop himself from loving her was really beautiful.

    5. I’ve read both and I can’t pick between them. I love them for different reasons actually. They gave me similar but different reading experiences and that’s just one of the reasons I love Cara’s books. I cannot wait for Warrior and what she does next in this cool world. :)


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