Wednesday, June 18, 2014

#SpankA2Z R is for...

Random thoughts.

Here are a few of the random thoughts I'm having these days.

1. When did the alphabet get so long?

2. Based on the big bug bite on my forehead, I'm going to say that citronella candles don't work.

3. Which is better---frosted sugar cookies or shortbread cookies?

4. Why are my glasses always dirty? Is this how the world really looks?

5. Why don't people in the grocery store line have their method of payment (and please, not a check!) out before their total is rung up?

6. Are any people guilty of #5 also reading this post?

7. Who the #@!^ really ages gracefully? I seem to be doing it kicking and screaming. And with a bug bite on my forehead.

8. Pedicures---one of the best ways to spend $30.

9. A big bag of candy bars---another good way to spend $30.

10. Extreme Couponers---I just don't get it. Why do they need all that toothpaste and deoderant?

Your turn...share some random thoughts.


  1. LoL Celeste, love this! I vote shortbread for No.3 and I'm with you on No. 4!

    1. Thanks Roz! You're awesome for being so faithful in stopping by. I love seeing your comments.

  2. My random thought: I'm right handed, but I put my coffee cup on the left side of my desk so that my mouse hand is free.

    Okay, another random thought: why does my wireless keyboard freeze up one time each and every day? (Had to massage the batteries in the middle of this comment).

    Your comment about aging gracefully made me stop and think. What DOES it truly mean? Does it mean one surrenders and makes no attempt to fight the effects of aging? Or does it mean that one shows lesser signs of aging?

    I have two bug bites: one on the back of my hand, one on the top my foot. They alternate itching. And why is it the "back": of one's hand but the "top" of one's foot?

    I'd better leave now or I won't get anything done today...

    1. Maybe we need a weekly blog feature of Random Thoughts Thursday. LOL. Thanks for adding to the list.

      I'm not sure what aging gracefully is, but I'm pretty sure I'm not doing it. Of course, I do nothing gracefully, so that might also explain it.

  3. Glasses always being dirty- yes! I have this problem to. And does it bother you when other people's glasses are dirty and they seem not to care? I tell other people to clean their glasses, I am that annoying chick.

    Here is my thought on aging gracefully. I think a person not trying to fight the aging process. Like being 50 but dressing like a 17 year old, or getting so much work done you look like a patch work quilt. I think it has more to do with confidence. Like, we're all going to age, and we all know it, just embrace it and live you life.

    Here is one of my random thoughts. How are you already on R? I am only on O!

    1. Oh yes, the dressing like a teenager. Ick. that is so sad.

      I'm on R because I didn't skip Saturdays. It's all alphabet all the time here!

    2. I did enter a state of fashion anomie, in which I didn't know how to dress any more. Styles are designed for teenagers and twenty-somethings, but those styles are not flattering for women of a certain age. Yet I definitely don't want to be matronly.

      My mom who is in her mid-70s likes the look of ripped jeans and wants to wear them. I tell her, when you're 18, you can wear ripped jeans and get away with it. When you're 75, you'll look like a bag lady. But they do go with her tattoos...

    3. LOL Cara, I love that you told your mom she can't were ripped jeans. Although, I say when you get of a certain age you should just be able to wear whatever the hell you want!

  4. Love this - Here are my Responses to your Random thoughts.
    The alphabet never seemed so long until this challenge.
    I agree with you about citronella - have this new thing I saw on FB, so far its working.
    Shortbread, w/o a doubt
    Mine too, Ray always asks how I can see out of them.
    I hate when that happens, I want to seriously shake them.
    I'm kicking and screaming right along with you
    Depends, and no not the product
    They must have a lot of storage, or sell at the flea market on weekends.

    1. Thanks Leigh! Why am I not surprised that so many of us have dirty glasses and aren't aging gracefully? Do you think it's related?

  5. I love the idea of a random thought day - if i don't find somewhere to put them they are going to start rolling out of my mouth and someone will put me away.
    Aging - I want to be Betty White or Cassie when/if I grow up.
    I've never had a manicure or a pedicure in my life.
    I'm worried that I'm turning into the crazy cat lady with one currently on my feet, one under my left arm and one on the back of the chair.
    I could go on…

    Thanks for the outlet!

    1. Never had a pedicure? Give it a try!

      I'm a bit worried about your cat situation too. :)

  6. Hmmm random thoughts... Why am I soooo tired at work I could nod off in the middle of a sentence but lie wide awake in the middle of the night?
    Aging gracefully??? I'm a maniac!

  7. Random Thoughts I had while reading.
    Citronella is stupid and stinky.
    Where does a pedicure cost $30
    That's a hell of a lot of candy.
    I miss couponing, but I'm not as extreme as the people on the show.

    1. I usually go to the walk in nail places and the rate is usually around $30. No fancy robes, though.


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