Tuesday, June 17, 2014

#SpankA2Z Q is for...


I crave quiet time, do you?

I don't want it to be too quiet or to be quiet for too long, but just a few minutes, especially in the morning, to gather my thoughts can make a big difference in my day.

How about you? How do you carve a little bit of quiet time out of a busy day? Go for a walk? Soak in the tub? Hide under your bed?

What about meditation? I think I'd like to give that a try. Any advice?

Hope you all take a few minutes today to be quiet (after you leave a comment).


  1. Foreign word for me. My husband keeps telling me that someday I will miss this chaos. But I could really go for some quiet time that doesn't include me being asleep. I like this Q post

  2. I crave quiet. When my husband was gone for 10 days on his boy's trip, the quiet was the second best thing after just having alone time. I love quiet mornings.

  3. I crave some quiet time in the day too, especially in the morning so that I can gather my wits for the day ahead and plan.


  4. I do love my quiet time, it doesn't matter when. I need it to recharge myself.

    If you want to try meditation, sit quietly, feet on the floor, focus on your breathing .Breathe in with your nose, hold for a count, blow out with your mouth. Keep working on this and soon you will begin to feel a peace overtake you. This worked for me until I was able to focus on a serene place in my mind where I would go to sit for a while.

  5. My favorite quiet time is with my coffee and laptop in the morning before the kids wake up.

  6. I love my quiet time. I definitely need it in the morning and I think that's one reason I love getting up so early - I need to sit and drink my coffee and stare out the window for a while. Quiet time with kids in the house is tough though, so I take it whenever I can get it.

  7. I have a high tolerance for noise and chaos, however lately.... I'm not doing it well!
    I may take Sunny's suggestion and run with it!

  8. I'm one who needs NEEDS alone time and quiet - ask my family ;). Meditation...I sometimes light a candle and sit with a cup of tea for a while. Can I call that meditation? I can only write in complete silence and am amazed with people who an write with music or any kind of noise!!

  9. Thanks everyone! These are all great responses and some good ideas about meditation. I am just now (at 4 pm) getting to my computer so you can see that there's been no Quiet time for me today.

  10. I love my quiet time and I can usually fined it now that we're empty nesters. Meditation is not for me, however, if I so much as try my mind races uncontrollably!

  11. LOL, summer break and kids home, means quiet time has not happened much this past few weeks!
    But a wonderful run out in the sun does a world of good for me :)


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